To work or be domesticated my new journey


My name is Nicole, I am a wife, mother, stepmother, nail technician, Pinterest junkie, wannabe party planner, crafter, and anything girlie. I am married to an amazing man and we have been married for 8 years. I instantly became a mom when we met, my husband already having a son from a previous marriage (you will hear him referred to as “the teenager”). My husband and I now have a son together, he will be referred to as “Mad Man”. We have a blended family and there are many challenges to this but I think we have done extremely well with that. I am the only girl in a house full of boys, so that is quite a different world for me sometimes especially since I am used to more of a girl environment and being very girly myself. I have just quit working in the hustle and bustle of Corporate America where I was the Manager of the company’s compliance department. Why quit my career you ask, a job where I was successful and had moved up very quickly especially in a male dominated industry? The answer is one word, family. Since I went back to work after having my son who is now 5, I found working to not be as satisfying as it once had been. I wanted to be a great mom and an amazing employee, however after having my son I found I really wanted to be a mom more than a career woman. Although financially at the time we could not afford for me to quit my job, due to debt we had occurred.

So life went on I worked hard as an employee, wife, and mother. Still I felt like I was failing, if I was doing amazing at work, I was neglecting my duties as wife and mother. If I was doing well at family responsibilities then I wasn’t getting things done at work as well as I would like. I know some of you reading probably are saying yes I can do it all and maybe you can. I did not feel like I was giving all of myself to one thing, I pride myself on doing the best work possibly. After a very rough year in 2014 a lot of trials with work, marriage, and family. We looked at our finances and everything we were able to pay off and there was light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to quit my job in July 2014.

Now I am adjusting to life and being at home, being a full-time wife, and mother. It’s been the greatest gift and I am so thankful to my amazing husband who works so hard to provide for our family and has given me this amazing opportunity. So there is the story of why I am now a stay at home mom (although you will see I refer to myself as a domestic goddess not homemaker or stay at home mom. This is a term my husband also prefers and actually started calling me before I became attached to the name. I believe those of us “housewives” are underrated and deserve a better title than “stay at home mom”. Ok my rant is over.) I love reading others blogs they are inspiring and just plain fun. That’s when I decided I wanted to blog to inspire others to either make that step to stay at home, or tap into your creative side you’ve been wanting to let out. You will find I love everything from crafting, DIY, decorating, party planning, fashion, the outdoors, and anything with my family. So this blog will include all of those aspects and my journey in learning to become a domestic goddess. Am I perfect? No way, and I plan to blog about the good and the bad not just sugar coat my blog to seem perfect.

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