Old VS New Home Adventures of home owning

When buying an older home you have to make sure you are fully committed to spending money and lots of construction sites throughout your home; unless you are fortunate to have bought one already done for you, then good on you. My husband and I were ready to sell our first home and move to a better area in the Salt Lake Valley. We looked for months not having any luck and having very different must haves on our list. Finally we compromised on a home in Sandy built in 1973, that was going to need a lot of TLC, and I mean a lot. I hated everything about the house; it did not give me that warm feeling. I knew my husband was so excited about it and it did have a .50-acre lot in Sandy (which is crazy hard to find for such a good price). The property also had a large RV pad for our toy hauler and a large shop in the back for all my husband’s toys and projects. We did a few updates on the main level right away like paint and new carpet. I was sure after moving in we would start making the home our own right away but life happens.

After 4 years in the house it’s finally happening! Applause please. I have barely decorated our home or had any want to since it just wasn’t what I felt was home. I feel renewed and motivated to make this house beautiful and not feel embarrassed to have company over. Although it has take our fireplace falling apart and our basement being flooded to get there.

Well where do we start, I have been adamant about starting on the main level even though the basement flooded and is now gutted. Our home being a split entry we spend most of our time on our main level anyway. A few months back after being new to the staying home life or as I like to call it being a domestic goddess. I gave our main bathroom a quick inexpensive makeover. I refinished the bathroom cabinets with Rustoleum’s Cabinet Transformations, seriously so easy to use especially for a first timer like me. Then a fresh coat a paint and hooray one project done.10404322_10202783329568593_8886731553925880312_n(1)

Now onto our ghetto fireplace and TV setup, as you can see in the pic there is a rock missing. We attempted to wall mount our TV and as my husband was testing the bolts to ensure they were secure, which they were drilled into concrete so you would think so. Nope the rock he had drilled into came crashing down out of the fireplace about taking out my husband. He only suffered minor scraps thankfully.


So we finally started demoing the fireplace a year later. It came down pretty easily, not surprising after the first rock that fell out. We did the demolition ourselves to save some money, just make sure you are in for the adventure you never know what you will be getting yourself into with an old home. Our fireplace we found was only held together by some nails and wire in the concrete.


After researching and getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Houzz.com, I was hooked on having a linear fireplace. I like the longer rectangle shape especially with a larger flat screen TVs. We had many company’s come out and give us bids for the fireplace. My husband did a lot of research to find the best linear fireplace for what met our needs. We went with a local company in Salt Lake called Hearth & Home, they have been amazing to work with doing exactly what we asked for. They came in and did the initial fireplace install and framing. To save our selves some money my husband chose to do all the finish work himself. Thankfully my husband is very handy when it comes to things like this even though it’s not what he does for a living.

Well the fireplace is installed and we are just starting the finish work today. So I will keep you updated on the progress from this project and others. A lot of which we will be doing ourselves, so I am sure I will have some do’s and don’ts coming. We also gave the living room a new coat of paint. I am so excited to see it all finished; we still have to pick out cabinets for the sides of the fireplace and the stone we want. That’s my project for the week is getting all that figure out. Any suggestions? I’m open.


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