The Big Game, easy ideas to add to your party.

The big game is almost here, those of you who are football junkies it can be more exciting than Christmas! I am a huge sports fan and being the only girl in a house full of boys you would assume I have a lot of sports fan in my house but sadly I am the only sports fanatic (although I am trying to train my youngest and so far its working). So I love throwing a party for the big game, especially this year with my team being in it I am even more excited! Go Patriots!

I wanted to share some simple decorating ideas especially those of us on a budget. Below you can see I made this quick and easy banner out of some cardstock and ribbon. I have a silhouette Cameo which is amazing by the way, I cut out the letters using that and used my cameo software to print and cut out the Patriots logo for the banner.


I also used my silhouette to cut out these small Patriots logos which I will be hanging up around the kitchen to add some pizzazz.


I found this cute sign on Pinterest and printed it out on white cardstock then put it in a 8X10 frame. I plan to put this out with the food table for a decoration. I also found a cute Patriots table cloth and plates at Zurchers.


I have some left over crate paper and balloons from a previous birthday party in New England colors that I will also be using. I recommend keeping a “Party Box” I keep left over crate paper, balloons, and items I make for parties in a box. You never know when you need that stuff then you don’t have to buy more.

Need to keep the kids entertained for game time, here are some cute printable coloring pages and a word search that I found from this blog.

I also made sure I will be party ready, I have my Patriots shirt of course but I did my nails yesterday in support of my team also.


I also wanted to share one recipe, it will be the hit of your party I guarantee it. I got it from a co-worker last year and every time I make it for a party its gone in minutes. Its a sausage dip to die for and its quick and easy.

Sausage Dip to die for:

1 8oz package cream cheese

1 15oz container sour cream

1 package spicy Italian sausage (you could use regular if you don’t like spicy)

1 package Knorr’s vegetable soup mix

1 bunch of green onions


1. pre-cook the sausage in a pan.

2. Add cooked sausage, cream cheese, sour cream, Knorr’s mix, diced green onions into a slow cooker and cook on low for 2 hours or until cream cheese in melted and ingredients are heated.

Then you are done and have amazing dip, I usually buy a baguette and cut it up to dip as well as Fritos go really well with it. Keep the dip on warm during the party so everything stays warm and melted.  If you have a lot of people I recommend doubling the recipe, this dip goes fast.

I hope you enjoy some of the quick and easy ideas and have a great party! Go Patriots!

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