Having a new attitude about Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching since tomorrow is February 1st. I know most people hate Valentine’s Day, they feel it’s a day to point out if you are single or have someone to share it with. I actually enjoy Valentine’s Day and not because I’m married, but because when I was growing up my parents made it about family and not about a day just for them. We always had a surprise on Valentine’s Day even if was just something small.

Once my husband and I were married I felt it was unfair for the guy to always be expected to come up with some elaborate surprise for Valentine’s Day. Sorry guys you can thank Hollywood for our false misconceptions on what romance should be. So we came up with the idea to trade off who does the planning for Valentine’s Day each year. One year its my husband’s job to plan it, then the next is my year to plan (We also do this with our anniversary). It takes the pressure off my husband and it gives me the opportunity to show him how much I appreciate him. Let’s be honest a relationship is about both of you so why not spoil each other. So ladies if you have never been the one to do the planning on Valentine’s Day make this year your year to do it. It’s my year this year and I have some fun things planned for the hubby. Remember it doesn’t have to be anything expensive there are many fun and cute things you can do for cheap. Which I will be sharing later because I don’t want the hubby finding out his surprises early.

Now maybe you’re saying “well I’m single that doesn’t help me”. There are so many ways to make Valentine’s Day fun, if you have kids make it about them. You could do a fun Valentine’s themed breakfast or dinner with them. Or get together with your friends and plan a fun dinner and a movie. Turn the focus from what you don’t have to what you do have and celebrate with those people in your life. Just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you don’t have people in your life you love.

Now that I have kids I also make sure to make them feel included on Valentine’s Day carrying on the tradition my parents did with me. I also get the kids a small gift along with a card and box of chocolates. This year however I would like to do a bit more with the kids, not sure how involved the teenager will want to be (you know how teenagers are they are too cool for everything). I’m planning a big Valentine’s Day breakfast for the family since it falls on a Saturday this year. I bought some cute Valentine’s Day plates and napkins at Target and then I will be making some cute decorations with my silhouette. I also found these cute Valentine’s printables on Pinterest, seriously where else do you find everything you need in one place. Thanks Pinterest!


So let’s make this Valentine’s into a good one and celebrate the things we have and not dwell on what we don’t have. I would love to hear your traditions and ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

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