12 Days of Love


If you read my post the other day about Valentine’s Day, then you know I had a surprise planned for my husband. Well it began yesterday, I started the 12 Days of Love for him. What is that you ask? I got the idea two years ago from a pin I found on Pinterest, I shared a link below.


The 12 days of love is just a fun way to show your significant other how much they mean. There is so much you could do with it. You could do 14 if you want since Valentine’s does fall on the 14th. I choose to do 12 since we had a few other things going on the first days of the month. The first year I used the printables from the link above and just bought cute candies to go with each saying. This year I have decided to do my own items for each day.

Day #1 was simple, I just gave my husband a letter letting him know how much he means to me and how grateful I am for how hard he works. I also let him know that the letter was the beginning of the 12 days of love and each day he would receive something from me.

So you see, it does not need to be anything elaborate or expensive unless you have lots of money then I guess the skies the limit. Now that I stay at home we are on a budget so I am trying to keep things simple yet meaningful.

Today was Day #2, I left a journal on the counter for my husband with a note. The journal is a gratitude journal, and each day I would like us to write in them to reflect on the positive and good things that happened that day. I also bought myself one, I would not expect only my husband to do this. I have a had a couple of friends do this recently and loved the idea so I figured this would be the perfect time to start. A gratitude journal is simple and easy, its not like your every day journal where you detail everything that happened in the day. It’s a time to reflect and write down just a few items that you are grateful for. Then if you are going through a hard time or just having a bad day go back through the journal and see all the positive in your life.

As you can see you don’t have to anything time consuming just a few simple things each day leading up to Valentine’s Day, or you could even throw a couple more costly items in. You could surprise your special someone with a massage at the spa or take them to their favorite restaurant. Maybe those things are not in your budget then you can give the massage yourself and cook a special dinner at home. The ideas are endless on what you can do. You can always check sites like Groupon to find discounts on activities too.

I will continue to share what I am doing each day and would love to hear your stories on what you have come up with.


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