Fireplace Remodel Update


I know some of you have been asking for updates on where we are at with our fireplace remodel, well my husband finished the dry wall and painted it. However we had a local company come out to give us some estimates on cabinets for the sides of the fireplace and a mantel, and we have decided to go with them. We are just waiting for them to make the cabinets and the mantel and the estimated time on that was two weeks. So we are hoping to have the cabinets and mantel installed sometime next week. Until then we are at a stalemate since we cannot do the tile until those are installed.
Also I’m finding it challenging to find a tile I really like, I want something in a white to off white tone. The walls are grey and the cabinets will be black. Who knew finding tile would be so difficult. I really like the split face or stacked stone but like always living in Utah we seem to be behind the latest trends. I found one online and ordered this sample however its a bit pricy. So this weekend we are going to go to some local tile stores and see if they have anything similar or can order something in for us. The joys of home remodeling right? As soon as we have a finished product I will update you, I can’t wait for it to be finished.


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