The journey so far in becoming a domescated goddess

As most of you know I have been a career girl most of my life and now have made the change to being a domesticated goddess. So far with my blog I have showed you some of my accomplishments in becoming domesticated but I haven’t really talked much about my journey thus far. It was a scary decision at first, giving up my income and being dependent on my husband for money. Thoughts ran through my head, will I go stir crazy or get depressed? It’s very new territory for me especially since I never thought when I was growing up that I wanted to be a stay at home mom.

Now 7 months later I couldn’t be more happy, and would never regret my decision. I’m sure some of you domesticated goddesses may have other advice for me that have been home for years. I have tried to keep myself in a routine which I think makes a big difference with how you feel throughout the day. I am by no means perfect at it, and things throw it off then I have to make a conscious effort to get back to that routine. I feel that’s how a lot of women get into a funk because they have no goals set for the day and then they don’t feel they accomplished anything.

My biggest advice is to plan your week out the best you can whether that’s in your head mentally or a physical to do list that you check off. It will help you stay out of those funks, it has tremendously helped me. I can tell when I start to get in a funk, it’s because I have gotten out of my normal routine and find I start to get bored. Not to mention it starts to make my son stir crazy because he is no longer in his routine either.

So figure out your to do list, make some time in that list for other projects and play time.

I try to have all the items done by the time my husband is home from work so I can focus on cooking dinner and family time with everyone once my husband and the teenager are home.

I am not trying to be the perfect domesticated goddess, but this is my job now and I do expect that I do my best in whatever I am doing.

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