Valentine’s Family Fun


Another year and another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. This year was my year to plan Valentine’s Day (if your curious what that’s about read my post about changing the attitude towards Valentine’s) so I wanted to plan a surprise breakfast for the family. I always cook a nice breakfast on the weekends so I wanted to make this one even bigger and better.

I bought Valentine’s decor for the table and found cute candies to set out as centerpieces on the table. We always make it appoint to include the kids in Valentine’s Day, I bought them each a card and a box of chocolates that were waiting for them on the table. If you have been reading my previous posts you already know I was doing the 12 days of love for my husband, so this breakfast was also the conclusion to that.

I made pancakes with a pink heart in them, to make the heart I put pancake batter in a condiment bottle then added red food coloring. Once I put the pancake in the pan I then drew the heart on, it looked great as you can see in the picture. However, when I flipped the pancake it made the heart a bit distorted so that was a bit of a bummer. The family gave me an “A” for effort though.


I also bought some the kids sparkling cranberry-apple cider since its a pinkish color and put it in  plastic champagne glasses. The kids thought that was pretty fun getting to drink out of fancy glasses.

We also had a nice family dinner and movie night, although the teenager neglected to mention he already had plans so I bought too many steaks. Oh well everyone with a teenager can understand, they tend to be a bit brain dead. Anyway I grilled New York steaks and we had vegetable kabobs. We then let Mad Man pick the movie, he wanted to watch Alexander and the no good very bad day. It was an ok movie but he was sure entertained.

Even though it was my year to plan Valentine’s day, my husband did not forget about me. He sent me flowers the day before Valentine’s Day. I received two sets actually, my husband had Mad Man pick out flowers for me. So I received one bouquet from my husband and one from my little guy. So I am spoiled to say the least.


So just remember Valentine’s doesn’t have to be about having a significant other make it about the family too.

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