Give your entry way some new life


If you have an old home like we do, you know it takes time to get your home the way you want. My husband and I keep picking off projects a little at a time. Our front entry was a bit lack luster when you came in. We have a split entry home so the ceiling is quite tall right there and the stair case was old and really dated our home. We had the old rod iron banisters with  ornate decorative pieces (sorry forgot to take a before picture). I decided I want to paint the staircase but I hated the ornate pieces on the staircase. Thankfully my husband was able to break them off and not damage the existing poles. He sanded the rod iron poles down then I painted them. It was very inexpensive, I bought a gloss white paint by Rustoleum. I used their oil-based paint for the iron part of the staircase, it covered better and gave a smoother look than regular paint. Then I used Rustoleum’s painters touch in black for the banister. I am a fan of the two toned look and was extremely happy with the out come. The new look cost me under $20. Such a simple thing to do but it really changed the look of our entryway.





I also decided to add a photo wall since we have a giant blank wall in the entryway. The great part with photo walls now is that there are no limits to what you can do with them. The photos do not need to be aligned perfectly or all be the same size. You can add texture to them by adding art pieces and other fun décor. I was able to make this photo wall for under $100. The most expensive part was the large canvas that was my centerpiece for the whole design. Although I still got it for a great price, $60 through Costco for this 20×30. You can always get high quality canvas’s at Costco for a great prices. The other pieces I got from Hobby Lobby for 50% off.


When designing your photo wall I would lay it out first prior to hanging to you can visually see how you want it to look and ensure you have filled all the space you want. This will also save your walls from unnecessary holes.


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