Western Party Ideas


It was recently my Dad’s 60th birthday party so we decided to throw him a Western Themed birthday bash. Here is how the party turned out and the fun ideas and décor we came up with. I even found my husband has a very creative side when given a theme he likes. I have to give my husband major props for a few things, he did such a fantastic job and it helps that my husband is from a small town and is still a cowboy at heart.


I found this cute Cowboy subway art sign through a fellow blogger on Pinterest, and other cute free printables for a the party. You can find them here. http://marigoldmom.com/?p=4904#comment-122815


I made this cute birthday banner using none other than my silhouette of coarse. I found this great Western font on a website I love to use to find free font dafont.com. I really enjoy making my own birthday banners versus a store bought one, I think they turn out so much better.


My Dad was adamant about not have “60” themed birthday decorations, so I improvised instead of the black depressing decorations you find at the party store I decided to buy these paper mache numbers and spray paint them blue. I had planned to modge podge some cute western looking cardstock on them but ran out of time.


These were my favorite DIY project of the party, I have been wanting to make these forever and this finally pushed me to do it. They are tiki lanterns made using old whiskey bottles. Thankfully my husband loves whiskey and I have been hanging onto these bottle for a while now. Here is the tutorial how to make these if you want to do them yourself, granted in the tutorial they used wine bottles and hung them from the fence I only used the part to make the wick. They turned out great and look fantastic lit. http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/diy-ways-to-make-your-backyard-awesome-this-summer#.eqynYRnq5


This is my husband’s creativity, I wanted a photo booth backdrop for the party. He pulled out his old rope and halters, and a pallet we had around. Turned out cute with our fun photo props.


I bought some western signs at zurchers with different sayings, but had no idea how I was going to get it to stay hanging with the wind blowing. My husband came to the rescue again, and found a piece of wood to staple it to and some wire to hang the sign from the post. Then he went and found this deer head he had in his shop and mounted it with the sign, it turned out amazing!

The party turned out great we had everyone dress in their western wear, and had western (BBQ) themed food.

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