It’s time to be consideriate people, wake up!

Most of my blogging thus far has been more my creative side and DIY. Yesterday some things happened that are really beginning to frustrate me with our society and I feel the need to rant today. Being married now for almost 9 years my husband and I are very grateful for our date nights, as are most couples who have kids. It’s a rarity for couples that our busy schedules with family’s and work allow us to escape. Now that I am a Domesticated Goddess I appreciate going out even more. That being said my husband and I wanted to go see the new Furious 7 movie. Thankfully the movie theatre here in Salt Lake does $5 Tuesdays for any movie and great deals on treats at the theatre as well so it makes for an affordable date night.

So we get seated and get there early as to get good seats, the movie starts and people come in late of course because heaven forbid people be considerate and not interrupt everyone once the movie starts. That wasn’t even the bad part, there was a family next to us ( a husband, wife, and their teenage son) they constantly talked to each other through the entire movie and the teenage son continuously took out his phone to text. Can we seriously not go without a phone even for a movie! This is my biggest annoyance, I cannot go to a movie without people being completely obliviously to everyone else or considerate that some of us actually go to the movie to watch it. Oh and then there was the lady behind me who continuously kicked my seat and then proceeds to put her feet up on the empty seat next to me and right by my head, seriously people?

Ok so now you understand my frustration, and why I feel the need to go off today. You know we blame these kids (the millennial generation), that they have no manners and cant disconnect. However I believe it starts with us as parents and what we are teaching is acceptable. The teenager in the movie, his parents were with him and didn’t stop him; in fact they were also part of the problem. So how can we expect this kid to behave if his parents who were probably in their early 50’s were just as bad. It’s become an epidemic of rudeness in our society and its not just young kids, yes they are bad but we are teaching them to be entitled and not to have manners.

This is one thing I am so admit about with my own kids, my 5 year old has better manners than most adults and he recognizes this. He has held the door open for people and said hello to them and people just ignore him, your a grown ass adult and you cannot even bother to say thank you! Then my son will look at me and say “they didn’t say thanks mom”. What do you say to that? I am trying to teach my son chivalry and politeness but yet adults who are supposed to be the example can’t even extend the same to a child.

So let’s stop blaming all the kids out there and start with us as adults, take a step back and remember that you need to treat people the way you want to be treated. We have to lead by example especially for our kids and if there is going to be any hope for this generation. Take a step back and disconnect from your phone and talk with your kids, appreciate going to the movie with your significant other, smile at someone you pass in the store, say excuse me and thank you. These are not hard things to do and you could actually make someone’s day.

Maybe you get to go out and do fun things all the time, but just remember that couple next to you may not always get that enjoyment, so be considerate.

So I challenge everyone this week just to do something kind, even if it’s a simple smile at someone you pass. Let’s bring back politeness and courtesy.

Thank you for listening to my rant I feel better now. 🙂

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Domesticated Momster

6 thoughts on “It’s time to be consideriate people, wake up!

  1. I strongly agree that children’s behavior starts with the parents. Teenagers still sometimes have a mind of their own. I too am a “blended” family and had 2 teenage boys but one just recently decided he wanted to live with his mother…it’s a long story…you can read about it HERE Looking forward to reading more of your blog and thanks for joining mine 😀


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