DIY Gift Ideas: Chalkboard wine glasses and serving tray


As you know mother’s day is fast approaching, if your like me you tire of giving boring gift cards or cash just because you are unsure what to get someone. This year I wanted to find gifts that were both useful and meaningful. I went to Michael’s for another project and got really inspired while I was there. I am obsessed right now with all the cute chalkboard ideas. So I wanted to do something of that nature. I was at a store around Christmas time and they had this cute chalkboard cheese tray, but I found it to be very expensive for what it was and decided I would make my own.

Now months later I am finally making one, I was again inspired by a fellow bloggers post on Pinterest. I follow this blog and love the ideas she posts. You can find the full tutorial at I made a few changes to my own and obviously you can too, that’s the great part about creativity.


This was a 2X12X8 board that was cut into two 2 1/2 feet boards. (Note: next time I may use a 1X board these are fairly heavy)


For the stain I used this Minwax wood finish in Dark Walnut, I loved the color it came out really nice and rich.

Here is the finished result:


In the tutorial they used gorilla glue to glue on their handles, I was concerned about them braking off so the husband helped me drill holes through the bottom and screw these cabinet handles onto the board. I am very happy how this turned out and may need to make one for myself. 🙂

I also made the chalkboard wine glasses see in the pic above, I got the idea while shopping at Michael’s. I bought the two wine goblets at Tai Pan Trading for $2.50 each then taped each glass off using painters tape and sprayed them with the left over chalkboard spray paint I had from the serving tray project. I put two coats on each glass, but be careful when spraying on the glass it can run very easily.

I love the wine glasses then you can have your guests write their name in chalk on the bottom of their glass and they can tell which one is theirs.

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