Teaching my son about giving 

Happy Friday blog friends! April is a crazy month in my family with so many birthdays then we go right into May and then there’s Mother’s Day.  Now that my son is getting older I really want to teach him the importance of remember friends and family on their birthdays. I want him to learn that’s it’s not always about receiving gifts that there is so much joy in giving to others on their special day. It’s not about buying them some elaborate gift but just about being thoughtful and making sure that person knows your thinking of them.

Holidays and birthdays are a big deal in my family and we love to get together to celebrate special occasions. Again for us it’s not about the money it’s about family coming together and just having a good time.

So I always make sure my youngest son, gets to go pick out the card he is giving to that person or making one. Or if we are giving a gift he gets to help pick it out so he can understand the excitement behind picking out a gift and then seeing the excitement when he gives the gift. 

I feel this is very important for us as parents to teach our kids. Especially for young boys, your teaching them how to be a thoughtful husband when they grow up. Girls I feel are naturally more thoughtful in this regard it’s just ingrained in most of us ( not all though).

I’ve already had some proud mommy moments with my 5 year old. He will draw his brother a picture to make his day better or want to go outside to pick a flower to give to me to make me smile. He loves when we go to the store and he gets to pick out a card for that persons birthday.

Dad’s need to help with this also, with Mother’s Day approaching  help teach your kids to show their appreciation for the wonderful women in their lives.

One thought on “Teaching my son about giving 

  1. Beautiful! My 5 year old is a boy as well and every morning when we get to the preschool he runs ahead of me to open the door for his sisters and I. He’s always such a sweet natured boy and as a mama bear I get really upset if someone doesn’t respond to him. Even if it’s a child I make them aware that’s it’s rude not to respond to someone’s thoughtfulness.

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