Things to do with your family this summer


It’s important to my husband and I that we do a lot of outdoor activities with our kids and they get to experience things and they are not just playing video games all day. Now with the arrival of Spring I am ready to start all the summer adventures, if the weather would just cooperate. Grrr. Maybe you can’t always get out to the woods but that doesn’t mean there are not fun activities you can plan in your own backyard.

1. Take a hike as a family: If you are not as fortunate as I am to live in a state where you have an abundance of outdoor activities, you can always plan a walk through the woods or a walk on the beach. If you have small ones ensure the hike is safe for them and its not too long. We started taking my son when he was 4, and he loves getting out and seeing things. You can also make this a nature activity and take a small notebook and list the different types of plants or animals you see.


2. Plan a camp out: Go camping as a family, these are some of my favorite memories as a kid. If your not into roughing it (granted I am not a tent kind of girl either, we have a fifth wheel now) have a camp out in your backyard. You still have the amenities of home but the kids get to sleep outside. Or if you have a trampoline kids love a sleep out on the trampoline, we used to do that as kids all the time and we loved it.

3. Movie under the stars: This is always a family favorite, each year we would go to my Aunt and Uncle’s and have a family party and that night we would watch a movie outside. My uncle would hang a sheet and set up the projector and the kids loved it. Now you may be thinking you cannot pull this one off, but did you know some of the local libraries have projectors you can rent! So get together with family and friends and have a movie night. You can set a up a fun popcorn and candy bar to go with.

4. Start a water fight: What kids do not love getting out a squirt gun or water balloons and having a good ol’ water war? As kids we would have epic water fights it would usually start that one of us thought we were being funny and getting a parent soaked, then it turned into to full on war. Granted as kids we usually lost when an adult pulled out the hose and soaked us, but it was a great time on a hot day and the whole family got involved.

5. Explore your state: Now this can mean different things depending where you live, we live in Utah so I have access to some of the greatest National Parks. That is my husband and I’s biggest goal for this summer, we realized we have both lived in Utah our entire lives and not seen some of the amazing things in our own back yard. We already discovered an old mining town called Ophir, here in Utah there are some really neat ATV trails that run through it and that’s what took us there. Only 45 minutes from where we live and I had no idea it was there.

These are just a few fun ideas, but basically what I am telling you is to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your family. I realize that sounds funny coming from a blogger but even I want to escape technology and just enjoy the outdoors and make fun memories with my family. So I challenge you this summer to get out there and make some adventures. I will also share mine as we go.

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2 thoughts on “Things to do with your family this summer

  1. “Disconnect from technology and reconnect with your family”. I love that line and it’s definitely something we all need to do more often, especially as bloggers! Great list…I love the idea of a trampoline camp out and of course I LOVE a good water fight! Thanks for linking up with #happyquacks

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