Life of a Domesticated Goddess where I live

So as most of you know I am new to the whole staying home bit, it’s been the best decision and I could not be more happy. I do however get more comments now than I did at first, questioning if I still like being at home and if I’m bored yet. Such a crazy question to be asked this, who the hell gets bored when you have kids, pets, a significant other, and a home to take care of. Maybe I’ll feel differently years down the road who knows?

Things are definitely good on becoming a domesticated goddess, I have learned a lot on how to manage my time between what I need to get done around the house and still keeping my son entertained. Not that it goes perfectly all the time and things don’t get a wrench thrown in them.

I would say one of the challenges that is driving me a bit crazy is the social aspect of being home and trying to find people to have play dates with. I have lived in Utah my whole life so I used to not being in the “it” crowd. Now maybe you’re asking what the heck is the “it” crowd? One word is all you need “Mormon”. I am not LDS nor was I raised LDS. I know shocking how do you live and you’re not.  Now I want to make something clear because I know people are probably going to get all sensitive about my post and I’ll get some nasty grams, which I don’t care and I am in no way making a blanket statement that all LDS people are this way. However I have lived in Utah long enough to know a lot who are.

Sorry that was a tangent there. My frustration is that you are judged a lot here for not being LDS ad going to church, people treat you as if you are the worst person before they have even got to know you. An example of that is when I was growing up there where parents who did not want their kids to hang out with me because I was not LDS. Awful right? Now as an adult you have neighbors who come to get to know you until they find out you’re not in their ward then the inquisition begins of why you’re not LDS, why do you not go to church, do you send your kids to church, can they have the missionaries come and talk with you? They start a neighborhood mission to save your soul. We have someone stop by at least once a month from the local LDS ward seeing if we have changed our mind or want our kids to at least participate. No for the last time I have lived here my whole damn life and I want nothing to do with it!

Therefore it’s very hard to make friends with the neighborhood moms, since they are constantly trying to shove their religion down my throat and making me feel like a bad parent for not taking my kids to their church.

Now like I said I do not feel that way about everyone I have many great family and friends who are LDS and they respect my beliefs and I respect theirs. Do we hang out a lot? Not so much, just because we don’t tend to have a ton in common because most of their likes and things they talk about revolve around church activities.

This is one of my biggest anxieties with my son getting ready to start kindergarten, will he be subject to the inquisitions now going to school and will other kids treat him differently because he is not? I had great friends growing up who didn’t care and we respected each others differences then I had the kid who told me I went to the devil’s church when he found out I was Catholic. I know kids will be kids but a lot of it they pick up from home and I want my son to be tolerant of all people and not judge them.

Things have gotten better in recent years there are more people moving to Utah and bringing more diversity. I have my friends who are also domesticated goddesses and we go on play dates and we keep each other sane when we need adult time. My husband and I have our group of friends who we definitely appreciate more because its hard to find couples to go out with and be able to have a drink with and not be judge.

So the domestic life is good, its just frustrating sometimes trying to find more groups of friends and people to do play dates with. Not that I became a domesticated goddess for the social aspect, its more for my youngest son so he can have more social time since he has no siblings around his age.

Anyway thanks for listening to me vent, and like I said don’t be offended i am not lumping everyone into this one category.

Domesticated Momster

4 thoughts on “Life of a Domesticated Goddess where I live

  1. This must be so hard! Living in an area where there is very much an “it” crowd and that it’s based upon a religion. I am not religious myself, never been to church, etc. but I would find this so hard and even a little bit depressing knowing that some (not all of course) but some people only want to reach out to you to try and convert you! And to have this on top of a new role staying at home with children. #momstermondays

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  2. I am very familiar with Utah. Never lived there but grew up in Wyoming (Salt Lake City was our nearest city) and lived 20+ years here in Nevada so have been camping there many times. What part are you from? It’s hard enough making new mommy friends even without throwing religion into it. I am not a religious person at all and find that there are a lot of them out there. I moved to this very small town a little over a year ago and religion and politics are always so big in these small towns…neither of which am I. I just believe in being good to one another. Any who thanks so much for sharing your rant with #momstermondays! I appreciate the #bloggerlove and if you would like to read my story about trying to find friends…here it is —->


    • I live in Sandy a suburb of Salt Lake City. Yes small towns can be hard to since everyone always knows everyone. My husband grew up in a tiny town in southern Utah and its that way alot. Neither of us are the religious type so it can frustrating at times. Thanks for the love.

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