What terrible two’s? I only see Frustrating fives!

As most of you remember when having your first child, everyone warns you of the terrible twos and how awful it is going to be. Well I never experienced that, my son turned two and he wasn’t a little demon like everyone told me he would be. He was sweet and cuddly and such a happy kid. Granted he had the occasional tantrum, but what kid doesn’t at that age they are trying to figure out how to express their emotions. Needless to say 2-3 years was probably my favorite age so far with my son.

Then he turned 5, and there was a new aspect to his personality (Attitude). For probably the last 3 to 4 months my little angel has turned into a walking attitude who constantly tries to push the envelope and see how far he can push me. Between the dirty looks, back talking, and telling me what he can and can’t do I feel like I could lose my cool. He has definitely been challenging me and challenging my authority.

I have had several talks with him about being respectful and how he needs to talk to his parents, and he loses privileges like games and the ipad when he pushes too far. But I have noticed recently that due to my frustration and my son pushing buttons I have become a yelling parent. Granted this is not the case all the time but I tend to lose my cool a lot easier than I ever used to, then I feel awful because that is not the type of parent I want to be.

So this week I am trying some new methods to avoid this, one is that sometimes mommy needs a time out and that’s ok. If you’re like me and you can feel the frustration building take a time out and calm down until you can talk with your child. I find with this works so much better, obviously who wants to be yelled at.

I am grateful overall my son is extremely well behaved, just this new found attitude tends to drive me up a wall.

So if you’re a new parent don’t always believe that twos are the hardest stage, just wait for the frustrating fives and don’t even get me started on the teenager that’s a whole other blog post.

2 thoughts on “What terrible two’s? I only see Frustrating fives!

  1. Just found this from the comment thread on Talya’s post over at Motherhood The Real Deal and I have to say I completely agree. I now have a (just turned three) year old and a five (soon to be six) year old and I actually started writing a post yesterday about where it has all been going wrong lately and mostly that is to do with the five year old and his attitude and button pushing and back-chat. I really need to learn how to take a time out myself because it is all deteriorating into something very messy and upsetting for everyone and I just haven’t been able to deal with it at all and essentially behaved like a child myself recently, screaming, shouting, slamming doors and crying! I think a bit of sleep deprivation and some PMT into the mix didn’t help to be honest, but I’m definitely not proud of the state I allowed myself to get into the other day. I even feel like I could use some kind of Supernanny for older children at times because I’m generally quite a mild-mannered person and I find it difficult to say no, be consistent and enforce rules. I guess this ‘attitude’ that we get (especially after their first year in school) at this age is not uncommon. Thanks for sharing. X

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    • It’s definitely not uncommon my friend and I have boys a month apart and we are both going through the same thing and we vent to each other to keep ourselves sane. I definitely know how you feel, there are days were I have to take a step back because he has pushed my buttons so much I get so grumpy and irritable it makes everyone in the house miserable. Thankfully my husband and I talked about this and he has been better about stepping in and give me a break so I can have a much needed time out. Hang it there, it will get better.


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