Adventures in Trail Riding on the Fremont ATV Trail


Hi blog family, I know its been a bit but we have been out of town and I had limited internet access. My family and I headed down to Southern Utah to a small town where my husband grew up. We had a family reunion to attend for Memorial Day Weekend so we decided to take some extra days so we could take our new toy out.

My husband has been an avid ATV rider, mostly dirt bikes and sport quads when he was younger. About 2 years ago we decided to try a side by side (UTV) out, I like ATVs but I am not much for being the driver. Our first side by side was the best purchase it can go everywhere and my husband and I could enjoy going together. I highly recommend getting one if your into off road vehicles, I would never go back to an ATV. Anyway now that my 5 year is older he wants to go now and we only had a 2 seater, so about 2 months ago we decided to trade our 2 seater Can-am Maverick for the new 4 seater Can-am Maverick Max. Again best purchase ever! I love that we can go out as a family and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our first Can-am we had was black and yellow so my youngest named it bumblebee since it was the same colors as the Transformer Bumblebee (its the Camaro in the movies). Our new one is black and green so I asked my son what are we going to call this one since its different. He said “its Death Bumblebee”. Leave it to a boy to come up with a name like that, LOL. So we still just call it Bumblebee.


Utah has some of the best ATV trails in the USA, so we are fortunate we can go on them anytime. So this weekend we decided we wanted to do some trails we had not done before. We took the Fremont ATV Trail from Circleville, Utah to Panguitch, Utah. One of the best trails we have been on ever, if you are in that part of Utah and want a great trail with amazing scenery you have to do this trail. Then we stopped in Panguitch for lunch and headed back. We only did half the trail, the total trail takes you all the way to Tropic Reservoir and its about 76 miles. The trip just from Circleville to Panguitch took us 3 1/2 hours just one way. We found a bypass on the way back from Panguitch you can take the Sanford Creek loop trail which will connect you back to the Fremont trail and shave some time off. The Sanford Creek loop is not as scenic though, but since we already saw the breath taking views we were ok with taking some time off the trip back.



The other things I really liked about this trail is that its wide enough for our side by side (its 64 in. wide), having a side by side its challenging to find trails that are wide enough. They keep some trails to 50 in. to keep jeeps and other off road vehicles off but that was before the new side by side take over. So I hope that authorities over these trail systems will wake up and realize that and start to widen the trails to make them more accessible to side by sides.

Secondly the trail is very well marked and easy to follow where some trails that is not the case.

We also did a short ride on the Paiute ATV Trail which is another amazing trail system and probably the one Utah is most famous for. Our ride was cut short due to some bad weather that rolled in. So next adventure we plan to conquer more of that trail.


So if your into riding I would love to hear some of your favorite trails. I find you get better info from the people who have been on them than the trail maps.

Here is more info on the Fremont Trail

Modern Dad Pages

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  1. We’re very much central Londoner’s so unfortunately no trails around us (does Primrose Hill count?!) but when S is a bit older I plan on taking him across to Wales, apparently they have great hiking areas. Thanks again for linking up to #happyquacks

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