A Few words for the EX

If you have read my blog or know me you know I am a stepmom to a teenage boy, I haven’t blog much about this to date as I try not to say anything bad about her at least not to my stepson. My husband and I always try to take the high road, but she definitely does not make it easy. I could blog everyday for a year and not be done with all the crazy stories and hell this woman has put my husband and our family through. When I met my husband I went into this open minded, who wouldn’t hate their ex-wife after they had cheated and lied to you multiple times. Well it didn’t take long before she proved my husband right that she truly is an evil you know what.

The last three years have been a bit better since my stepson came to live with us after his mother’s second failed marriage and she was too busy with other things in her life to be a mother. The last few weeks she has been on my last nerve so I have decided to vent through my blog. So here’s to my husbands ex and why just giving birth to a child does not make you a decent mom:

-Telling a child when they are 8 years old that their new stepmom hates them and brain washing them to believe it. (This could not be further from the truth and what kind of person fills a child’s head with this. This has been an obstacle that I have been trying non-stop to overcome)

-Telling a small child lies about their father and horrible ones at that and making up stories on why you two separated.

-Never wanting to have your child on holidays so you can be lazy and not actually put forth an effort to show your child how fun holidays are supposed to be. ( Don’t worry I take care of this and I show him what holidays are really supposed to be about and the magic of fun family traditions)

-Telling your ex-husband that he is raising their son to be a pansy because at our house we didn’t allow a 7 year old kid at the time to watch rated R movies and play violent video games. Seriously!

-Taking your ex-husband to court every six months and lying about being paid child support and putting a wrongful lien on our home, yeah sorry that didn’t work out for you.

-Always playing the friend to your son instead of being a mother and showing your child how to be respectful and accountable.

-Then once your son was old enough to choose to come live with us and you were no longer getting child support, you said it was going to be so hard not having him around. Yeah must be really hard barely seeing him once a month, and you work part time. Pretty sure any of us who really care about our kids and don’t just use them as a paycheck would fight tooth and nail to see our children!

-Telling your son to lie to his military recruiter about things so they don’t find out, what kind of person is actively teaching their child to lie! Oh wait I know the kind that lies and cheats and uses everyone else so they can have the easy way through life and never have to work for anything.

I could go on for hours honestly, I have never said anything disrespectful or threatening to you by phone, email, text, etc. Which the same cannot said for you since you have threatened to beat me up for supposedly giving you a dirty look. Oh and by they way you are 8 years older than me and the most immature person I have ever met. The sad part is the only person you are hurting is your son but you will never realize that. Because you have brain washed him that the bare minimum you do makes you this rockstar.

My husband only has 10 months left of his prison sentence and we are counting down and plan to have a big freedom party! Then maybe I will email this to you and let you know what I really think of you.

2 thoughts on “A Few words for the EX

  1. Someday in the future, when he’s older and more mature, your stepson will come to realize what a great person you are. And how much you have incorporated him in your life. Which included opening up your heart to him. An action, that few people would ever do.

    You should also know how proud we are of you and the way you’ve handle things. Even when you run into a setback. You always manage to keep a positive outlook and forge ahead.

    And if anything can be said of his mother, its that she has to answer to her own conscious. Something, I for one wouldn’t want hanging on my doorstep when the time comes.


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