Kids driving me to drink literally…

This week may drive me to brink of insanity, oh wait I think I’ve already gone insane. As those of us with kids know children will push your limits and drive you to drink literally. Some days they are precious Angels and others they are Satan.

We have 17 and 5 year old and honestly there isn’t much difference between a toddler and a teenager. They both throw tantrums, wine about everything, they don’t listen, and they push their limits.  I love both kids more than anything but I think this week my husband and I may lock ourselves away.

The week started out with our oldest running away from home. Yes, running away after an argument with his Dad. Things have come to a boiling point with the teenager because he has been telling us for months he wants to join the Marines but he has not done any of things we had asked him to do before we will support this life changing decision. Not to mention his grades have not been very good, and its due to him not turning in his assignments. So we have been pushing him to take care of things and he is upset with us saying we are making him miserable. Really? Oh teenagers they have it so hard.

The hardest part with our teen is that anytime your a little hard on him he can’t take it because his mom has always just let him do whatever he wants, so now that he has actual parents who care about his future he thinks we are the mean ones. You can check out my rant on the EX earlier in the week. It’s so frustrating to know your kids can do better and they are selling themselves short due to bad habits someone else has instilled in them.

Now the 5 year old this week has just been pushing ever limit possible, the attitude that has started to come out of this kid shocks me some days. I have been trying to get him to pick up his room for 4 days now and I am not winning. At one point I even told him I would just take all his toys away (I know not the mature thing to do, but he pushed me to that). The 5 year Old’s response ” Fine take my toys I don’t care, my papa will buy me new ones”. Damn those grandparents sometimes! I love they love to spoil but that totally backfired in my face 😦  Let me just say we are not the parents who let our kids do whatever they want or are we not crazy strict we just try to make our kids accountable and learn good manners.

We have two of the most challenging ages going on in our household right now and I may turn myself into the looney bin. I know kids are not perfect all the time and overall we are extremely lucky because they are both great kids overall but wow this week it was a little much all at once. I blame it on the full moon earlier this week, I swear everyone goes crazy that week.

Anyway I ranted now I feel better and I know you other parents out there can feel my pain, now to drink my glass of wine as my reward for making it through the week alive.

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12 thoughts on “Kids driving me to drink literally…

  1. How ironic…I totally was just checking out your post cause it was in my email and then I noticed my badge at the bottom 😀 I too have felt like my kids are just making me crazy and it’s only the first day of summer break. My 15 and 5 year old are fighting in the kitchen right now as I type over who knows what. The 4 and 3 year old I already put to bed because I was tired of their shit. I am thinking I may need something stronger then wine tonight. So in case you do have a glass of the good poison in your hand …cheers to you and thanks for joining my #momsterslink linky. 😉

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  2. Sometimes only wine and crisps will do as the alternative is you running away! Hope things calm down and you can get the kids onside so the next weeks are better. #effitfriday


  3. Oh I am so with you on this. I have a 17 year old, a three year old and a 16 month old. Sometimes my 17 year old is worse than the three year old and after many a bad day I have reached for the wine (on a very very bad day it’s been vodka!). My husband has (jokingly) taken to calling me Laurel (an alcoholic on one of the soaps here in England just incase you don’t know who Laurel is lol).

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