The Versatile Blogger Award


I want to thank the amazing Trista at Domesticated Momster for the kind nomination. She has been such a great help to me figuring out this blog world and I have been introduced to many other great bloggers through her. Thank you again for the blogger love!

To accept the award, I have to:

1. Thank the person who nominated me (this goes without saying, how rude would it be to not thank someone who nominates you for an award!).
2. List 7 random facts about me.
3. Nominate 5 other bloggers for the award.

7 Random Facts About This Domesticated Goddess:

1. I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 5 years ago, it was very scary at the time but I do not let it get me down.

2. I taught Zumba for 5 years until my work got in the way, hoping to get back to teaching here soon.

3. I am a licensed Nail Technician and do nails more for fun now, you can check out some of my work on my Nailed page.

4. I am a city girl but I love the great outdoors going camping (my version is a little more glamping), 4-wheeling, hiking, horseback riding, etc.

5. I may be a mom but I love fashion and beauty and getting glammed up.

6. I love to travel and I have been to fun places like New York City, Dubai, and Paris. Paris is my favorite city, so incredible.

7. Some of you know this already but I am a huge New England Patriots fan!

My Nominations are:

Living on Cloud Nine: This is a great upbeat blog with a little bit of everything, check her out.

yespeasmumma: Check out this blog about the honesty of life and parenting, she puts it all out there and it great.

El and Baby A: This is a fun parenting and lifestyle blog about a first time mom and her stories going through that.

Stephy Sweet Bakes: This is delicious blog about her passion for cooking and has a lot of yummy recipes.

Mudpie Fridays:  This blogger writes about juggling the corporate career life with life as a mother.

10 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination and the kind words. Even though I thought I couldn’t participate because this would be my second Versatile award, I recently found out I CAN, lol. So, I will! !! Woohoo!! Thanks again sweety. God bless and you are an awesome blogger and deserve this, CONGRATS! 😉😄😚


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