Nail Fun for the 4th of July

Whenever holidays come around I always have clients who want festive nails. I love it cause you can try new ideas and get creative. Since the 4th of July is next week I had some requests for patriotic nails without going overboard and having flags on their nails. So I wanted to share some simple things you can do to still get that holiday spirit without going over kill. 

This first set is a gel overlay then I used gel polish for the paint and nail art. I love gel polish and rarely use regular nail polish anymore. 

Colors: True Gel- Star Spangle, True Gel-Red Dragon, Gelish-Artic Freeze

The second set is another gel nail overlay with gel polish and a marble design using gel polish. 

Colors: Gelish- Arctic Freeze, Gelish-After Midnight, True Gel-Racy Red 

So I hope you enjoy these fun ideas and remember when it comes to nails the possibility is endless. You don’t have to have them all the same color or just solid. You can do cute nail art and still have them be classy.

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