Love/Hate Blogger Challenge


I was recently challenge to this by Stephy @ Stephy Sweet Bakes, I am sorry its taken so long to get around to accepting the challenge last week was quite the week. I’ll blog about it tomorrow. So thank you for the nomination, you are always so great to share the blogger love! Alright I am supposed to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. I am sure I could go on much more than that, but I won’t bore you. 🙂

10 Things this Domestic Goddess Loves:

1. My family of coarse is #1, I have an amazing husband and two wonderful boys.

2. My friends and family, I have a great group of people in my life.

3. I love music it makes everything better

4. Chocolate even if I can’t have any right now, damn diet.

5. Wine, Wine Wine!

6. The outdoors

7. Warm summer nights sitting on my porch

8. Shoes, need a girl say more?

9. Sushi

10. Being a domesticated goddess and getting to enjoy raising my youngest son.

10 Things I hate:

1. People who are rude, this I have zero tolerance for.

2.People who are fake, if you have something to say be honest and don’t pretend to my face.


4. I hate being cold, why I live somewhere with such cold winters I have no clue.

5. When people are late, we have become of society of accepting that being late is being on time.

6. Horror Movies, no thank you.

7. Snakes

8. Heights

9. Running

10. Doing the dishes, its never ending

My list of Nominees:
Domesticated Momster
From Food Stamps to a Future
Cuddle Fairy
New World Mom
Modern Dad Pages
My Little Babog

To my nominees, you must make your love/hate list and also nominate others.   There is no official logo to this challenge. I am sorry if you have been nominated recently, it’s hard to keep up with all the amazing bloggers and your well deserved nominations.

10 thoughts on “Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

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  2. How fun!! Love this idea. Thank you for the nomination! Might be a couple weeks before I get it done. I love & hate a lot of the things on your list – I was nodding my head while reading :)x

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