The no good very bad weekend

bad day

If you read my post the other day I eluded to last week being a crazy week, oh wow what a weekend we had. Last week started out with my stepson having shoulder surgery, and getting him taken care of. Which this wasn’t really a big deal everything went well and I just had to run him around to follow up appointments while also trying to get everything ready for us heading out of town. So things had been a bit chaotic while also trying to keep my 5 year old entertained. We all know how much children love having to sit through boring doctor appointments and running to several stores.

So we loaded up our fifth wheel trailer and headed for southern Utah for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Panguitch, UT. It’s a small town near Bryce Canyon and I have family down there and have spent my whole life traveling down there. It’s one of my favorite places in Utah to be, not only does it have that small town charm there its close to all the national parks. So there is an abundance of things to do and see.


The trip started off fine, and we decided to stop for lunch on the way since its about a 4 hour drive. We pulled in to a gas station which we knew had a large parking area for semi-trucks and the gas station had an Wendy’s attached so we could get lunch. Just as we pulled into the parking lot my husband was turning the truck and trailer around to park it. When we heard a crunch! We both looked at each other sick, and my husband let out some choice words. My husband had turned too tightly and when you have a fifth wheel trailer it sits in the bed of your truck and you cannot turn to sharply or the trailer can hit the truck. Well that’s exactly what happened, the trailer had crunched the top of the cab of our truck and cracked the fifth wheel as well. My poor husband sat in disbelief as we assessed the damage to our truck and trailer, he could not believe what he had just done. We are always so overly careful with out things and pride ourselves in taking really good care of the things we have.

There was nothing we could do at this point what had happened, happened. So we continued inside and got everyone lunch (by the way I had a salad as to stay on track with my diet, pretty proud of myself that I turned down French fries).

We had to stay in Circleville, UT where my husband is from its about 30 miles north of Panguitch all of the RV parks were full from the festival. So we got settled in and visited with family the first night, then we planned the next morning to get up early and head over to Panguitch so we could see the parade and let the kids play at the festivities, then watch the balloon glow that evening.

Then about 3am my 5 year started to yell at me and say “mom, mom I just threw up all over my pillow”, as most of us parents know with sick kids its always fun being woken up in the middle of night to those words. So not only did I have to clean that up, my little guy sleeps on a high bunk bed in our trailer which did not make for an easy clean up when your half a sleep.

Well he continued to throw up all night, which is awful when you’re a parent and you cannot do anything but hold them. We hoped he would feel better and we could head over to the festivities, but morning came and he still continued to be ill. He was so upset we missed the parade and he couldn’t go play with his cousins, it was so sad. We continued to wait it out to see if he would get better but that did not happen. It wasn’t until about 6:30 that even that he perked up and was able to keep anything down. I am pretty sure it was food poisoning since he had no fever or chills. Which I believe he got when we stopped for food when we had the accident with our trailer. That place was obviously cursed for us.

So we went all that way to have to fix our trailer and get a sick kid. We missed all the festivities, so the weekend was definitely a bust. We tried to make the best of it since that’s all you can do at that point, but man when it rains it pours.

Now home we have gotten a few quotes to repair the damage to our truck and trailer and it just makes me ill the cost that these repair shops try to charge.

We are heading back out this weekend for the 4th of July and I am hoping for better results this weekend, we could use a break. Wish us luck!

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4 thoughts on “The no good very bad weekend

  1. dont stop at that place again bypass that joint..and be safe it will be a much better weekend im sure..Im excited to see you guys again and we wil have some fun…

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