4th of July Mongramed Letter


Since the holiday is almost here I thought I better get this posted, been so crazy busy with being out of town and getting ready to leave again I have barely had time. I do not have many decorations for the 4th so I decided to make some of my own. I find the stores do not make very many cute things for holidays now.

I went to a local wood store that has pre-cut shapes and designs to get my monogram letter, you can also find them at your local craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. This decoration is very simple and easy to make, all you need is:

-Wood letter of your choosing

-craft paper

-modge podge

-sanding block


-mixed media string

I first started out by laying the craft paper out over my letter so I could determine how I wanted to paint the back of the letter and sides. If your putting craft paper over the front then you do not need to pain the front since the paper will cover it.


Then I painted my letter, I had to apply several coats since the wood tends to be pourous.


Next I traced my letter on to the craft paper and cut the paper to the shape of my letter. Then you can use a sponge brush to lay down a layer of mode podge and put your craft paper on to the letter. Make sure you do not use too much or you paper will get soggy. Then allow to dry.

Once dry I take my sanding block ( you do not want anything too coarse as it can ruin your paper) and sand the edges to remove any excess paper that is hanging over the edges. Do not sand too much or you will take the pain off, however you can do that if you want to give it an aged look.

After you have sanded wipe off the dust, then you can put a layer of modge podge over the top of the craft paper so it seals to your letter. I like the matte modge podge for these projects. Don’t worry it will dry clear. If you want to ensure its sealed well, you may want to do this two times. I chose to use a finishing spray once my modge podge was dry that way the paint was protected too.


Then I took some mixed media string and wrapped it around the letter where I had a break in the two different types of craft paper I used. I like the way it turned out gave it a finished look. Then I also took some of the string and stappled it to the back of the letter so I was able to hang it.

I also made some other cute crafts I bought at the Wood Connection, the wood blocks are the same concept as above just some craft paper modge podge onto the wood.



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