Common misconceptions when you have boys


Since the day I found out I was having a boy, I cannot count how many times I have been told “Be glad you have all boys they are so much easier than girls”. Yes, I had my stepson who was 7 when I came along so I didn’t get to go through all the baby and toddler phases with him. I kept thinking even from what I have experienced with my stepson it did not seem like boys were easier than girls.

Now with my son going to turn 6 in a few months and my other son is now 17 years old, yea I still don’t get what all those crazy people where talking about. Granted I don’t have a girl but I grew up in a house of mostly girls and most of my cousins I spent my  childhood with were girls. So I feel pretty educated in the drama of girls and how we work. And the fact that I am a pretty girly girl and high maintenance that stuff would not bother me.

So don’t get me wrong I would not trade my boys for anything they are the best but they are not these simple creatures everyone states they are. Obviously not all children are the same but this has been my experience and in talking with friends who also have boys we laugh about the misconceptions.

Things you did not realize when raising a boy:

-Boys wine just as much as girls, there are days when I want to run away there is so much wining in my house.

-Boys like playing dress up also, yes it may just be with super hero costumes but my son could give any girl a run for their money when it comes to playing dress up with his costumes.

-Boys change their clothes as many times a day as girls. Most people say boys don’t care what they wear or look like well not in my house. I remember when my stepson was about 8 or 9 and we were getting ready to go somewhere and he broke down crying because he thought his pants made him look fat. I was dumb founded that boys get upset over these things too? Now the 5 yr old, heaven help me. He changes his clothes so many times a day, he has to wear a certain outfit for playtime, for going to the store, any number of things. It has become a battle with him getting dressed because he has to pick the outfit and if he feels it doesn’t match of makes him look silly there is a complete meltdown.

-Boys like shopping for clothes, this may completely be my fault on this one. My 5 year old gets so excited to pick out new clothes and shoes and he is very particular about his style and surprisingly does a very good job.


-Boys are very sensitive too. This applies more to my stepson, he is very sensitive and gets his feelings hurt very easily. My husband and I have to watch how we say things because he tends to get his feelings hurt. This can be exhausting sometimes since I am pretty thick skinned and so is my husband. We have to make sure he knows we are just kidding with him.

-Boys are drama, boys have meltdowns and drama just as much as girls. Whether its the teenager getting mad because we won’t let him be out all night on a school night or the 5 year old running to his room and slamming the door and opening it and re-slamming it to make sure we know he is upset with us.

So are they easier I don’t think so, I think raising a child period is challenging. So everyone who tells me boys are just so easy, I just have to laugh to myself. I am very thankful that they are good kids and very well mannered but that comes from my husband and I teaching our children the importance of that. So misconceptions and all I love my boys and would have it any other way.

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12 thoughts on “Common misconceptions when you have boys

  1. This really made me think Nicole. I was not told that. Rather that boys were harder when they are young and girls when they are older. My boys do typically hate clothes and shopping and being clean. But they do love to dress up, are sensitive and have so many ups and downs like yours. Like you I love having boys. Being the only female in the house I am challenged to do all sorts of things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Thought provoking post. Just what I like. Thank you.

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  2. I think raising any child is hard. Like you say each child is different and I think the personality of the child rather than their gender makes some children a little harder than others. I admit though I was surprised to read about your son getting upset if his outfit doesn’t match, not so much because he’s a boy, but because I didn’t think any young child would really care about that. As you can probably tell from that statement, I’m not a parent lol
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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    • Yes I agree personality definitely is what makes a child. Yes its been pretty funny with the clothes war, we would argue about what to wear when going somewhere and I think I had mentioned once when he picked something out that it did not match and he need to let me pick it out for going places and when we are home he can pick. Apparently I created a monster that day LOL. Thanks for reading!


  3. My best friend has 3 boys and I swear I have heard all of the things you just said come out of her mouth! 🙂 I have 2 of each and love them dearly, but they can all equally suck sometimes. I can’t really say that one gender is harder than the other. I can’t even say that one age is harder than the other, because they are so different. My current 3 year old is the coolest kid ever and I remember age 3 being very trying with the other ones. It’s nice to see that you’re just having fun with what comes..that’s the boat I like to stay in too. And I also think it’s refreshing to hear someone debunk a stereotype in the mom world. Good read. 🙂

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