Making your own Man Gift Basket


I have been meaning to post this since Father’s Day but had other topics or got too busy. So for Father’s Day I was searching Pinterest for some cute gift ideas when I came across these Man Crates, I loved the idea but found them to be a little pricy. So I decided I was going to make my own man gift basket. I couldn’t find a crate plus I wanted to make my a little different. My husband is a big fan of Whiskey so I wanted to make his gift basket based around that.

I started out by finding a basket, I went to Hobby Lobby and found this wooden box perfect for a gift basket. I had planned to stain it but ran out of time.

Next I went to Crate & Barrel and found these perfect glasses for whiskey drinking, which I knew I could personalize with my Silhouette Cameo and glass etching kit. I also came across the exact slate coasters that were in the Man Crate, they have them at Crate & Barrel.


To make the personalized glasses I used my Silhouette to make and cute out a personalized monogram in vinyl, then you place your stencil over the glass (make sure you cleaned the surface of the glass first). Once you have the stencil on ensure you have smoothed out any bubbles or you could have leaks and get etching where you do not want etching. Now you are ready to apply your etching cream, I used Armour Tech which you can find at most craft stores. I would advise watching some how to videos on Youtube because when you follow the instructions you do not seem to get the best results. I really enjoyed making these glasses and was very happy with the way they turned out.



I had seen a book a few months back that I knew I wanted to get my husband, it’s the perfect gift for any whiskey lover. I found this at The Paper Source.


To complete the basket I bought some whiskey, Woodford Reserve & Bullet Rye. I also bought some man snacks but healthy ones since my husband and I are dieting.


So if you need a gift idea for your man, here is a great way to put together a personalized gift. The possibilities are endless, maybe your husband loves beer you could put together a beer themed one with beer glasses or whatever your imagination can create.


I would love to see your Man gift baskets, share your ideas.

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