Officially One Year of being a Domesticated Goddess


Wow, where has the time gone? This time last year I was saying goodbye to my job as manager at a large corporation and getting ready to explore my new life as a Domesticated Goddess (stay at home mom). If you are not sure what I mean by Domesticated Goddess go on and read my About Me.

I was excited to spend more time with my little guy since he is going to be the only child my husband and I have together, it was really important to me to spend more of my time on being a mother than it was working all the time. My stepson was also living with us now and I was unable to attend his football games due to work and I felt like I was missing out on many opportunities that as a mom I should be doing and not always being consumed with a stressful job.

I was also very scared, I have not, not had a job since I was a teenager. Was I going to go stir crazy? What would I do all day? I had some common misconceptions that stay at home mom’s probably watched a lot of TV.


It took a few months to get in the swing of things and find a routine for my little guy and me. That is probably my most important tip to anyone who is making the transition keep yourself in a routine or you can find yourself in a funk. I was driving my husband a little crazy cause I would stay up late since I did not have to go to work and I am more a night owl anyway. I realized I was being inconsiderate, my husband works so hard all day and comes home tries to go to bed and then gets up early to do it all again.

I made the decision to start getting up in the morning with my husband, making his breakfast and coffee, getting his lunch together for him. Plus it was a few quite minutes we got to share without the kids. It’s made such a difference in not only my husband’s day but my day too. I can have my time for a few minutes to wake up drink my coffee, maybe do some blogging uninterrupted. It’s been so nice then I am ready for the little guy to wake up and we have our fun morning routine together.

Another thing I’ve learned over the year, it’s not hard to keep yourself busy at all when your a Domesticated Goddess. As any Goddess knows kids demand a lot of attention from you and it’s a constant battle all day to keep the house clean, meals cooked, kids entertained, and your shear sanity.


I also try to plan special things for us to do during the week, like a play date with friends, picnic in the park, or a trip to the zoo. We have our play time each day but I try to throw in some different activities so neither of us gets stir crazy.

This past year has been such a blessing to get to spend this time with my son, yes there are days when I think we are both sick of each other. I wouldn’t change it for a second and getting to spend more time on being a wife has also had it’s rewards.

My son starts Kindergarten this fall (yes I am freaking out!) so I am sure there will be some adjustment there and new things to learn to do with my time while he is at school. However, I am really excited that I will be able to volunteer at his school and be more involved there too. I was also sad as a kid that my mom wasn’t able to because she worked, however my mom is amazing and was always there for performances and taught me hard work.

I still get asked every so often if I am over being at home, and my answer is heck no! I love this life, I always thought I wanted some big career and wasn’t sure if I even wanted kids. Now I couldn’t imagine any other job than being a mom its brought me more joy than I could have asked for. Being a mom doesn’t define who I am as a person but I am found a real joy in my life and I am looking forward to more years as a Domesticated Goddess.

Thank you for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Officially One Year of being a Domesticated Goddess

  1. That’s nice that you get up with the hubs and have some time to yourself. We do something similar and it just helps me clear my head to start the day. I am currently on maternity leave for a year with my toddler and baby and I definitely find having little things that you plan each week (ie. playdate, zoo, etc) helps everyone not go stir crazy! Congrats on your first year! Hope you link again 🙂 #famjamlinky

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