Which type of Drunk are you?


I was watching the Today Show the other day when they were talking about a study recently released by the University of Missouri breaking the types of drunks into 4 distinct groups. You can read their full findings here, Addiction Research & Theory. I found this study amusing because my husband and I had recently just talked about this how people have certain personalities come out when they drink.

Here is the 4 types of drunk the study says there is:

Hemingway: This type of drunk can drink a lot but shows little sign they are intoxicated and very little change in their personality.

Mary Poppins: This group is the sweet, responsible drinkers and tend to have less alcohol related problems.

Mr. Hyde: Just like Mr. Hyde this groups darker side tends to come out when they drink, and they have a tendency to be less responsible, and can be more hostile.

The Nutty Professor: This group tends to be more introverted when sober, then become more extraverted when drinking.


I think this is a pretty good description of most types of drunks. I definitely fall into the Hemingway category, anytime we are drinking with family and friends I get told I need to drink more. My friends don’t believe me that I am drunk because my personality barely changes I am still laid back, collected me. Believe me for my size and weight I can drink a lot and still really no big change.

I was trying to decide what group my husband fits into, and he doesn’t really fit any. He’s one person I love to drink with because he’s fun, crazy, and never angry or too emotional. But he tends to be those things without alcohol. So maybe he’s a good mix of the Nutty Professor and Hemingway.

I would love to hear what you think about these groups and what category you think you fit in?

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A Sober (at the moment) Domesticated Goddess

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