I hate Swimsuit shopping!!! It’s Social Media’s fault


Yes you heard it right I hate Swimsuit shopping, this coming from a person who would be happy having a job as a personal shopper. I have not worn a swimsuit in 5 years since having my son, as most moms know we tend not to feel at your sexiest right after having a baby. I am not one of those superhuman moms that did not get stretch marks and bounced right back to my old body. I gained a lot weight and got stretch marks in places I did not know I could even get them 😦

I was determined to lose the weight after having my son and I did lose most of it, however the last 2 years I’ve struggled to get the last 20lbs off. Like everyone I’ve tried trendy diets and exercises that I did not stick with. However in June things changed my husband and I joined in on a weight loss challenge with some friends. We both decided enough was enough we were tired of being tired all the time. We both were very physically fit when we were younger and in good shape when we met. So we have been making a lifestyle change since the challenge started in June. I’m happy to report we are seeing very good results, even with it being hard. I feel motivated to keep going and it’s all started to become habit for the both of us and we look forward to working out and we do not even miss the junk food.


So now to the topic at hand, we are going to Mexico this fall and going to be staying on some beautiful beaches. My panic set in the other day when I realized I have to buy a swimsuit and I am not to my fitness goal yet. I hope to be there by the time we go but that’s beside the point. I realized after looking through hundreds of swimsuits online and feeling very down about how I can cover my body with a swimsuit and not look like I’m wearing a wet suit.

I came to the conclusion of why should I care that I cannot wear a bikini any longer (I guess I could but not sure I am that brave, LOL) I had a baby and I should be proud of that. I blame Hollywood and the media for brain washing us all that we are required to look like a Victoria Secret’s model to wear a swimsuit and feel good about it.

Who cares what size you are, if you have stretch marks, cellulite, or a muffin top? These are what real women have and look like, we all come in many shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful. It’s become acceptable for men to keep their dad bod and flaunt it on the beach but why are we judged for our mommy body. Good hell, we had to keep another human alive inside our body for nine months!

I think we need to see more real women in the media to model fashion and stop with the airbrushing so young girls can see that we are all beautiful and the pressure needs to stop that we have to be the skinniest girl in the room to be beautiful. As women we also need to stop judging one another and making it a competition for perfection, we need to support each other and make each other feel beautiful.

body quote

Yes I am trying to lose weight and get in shape but its not because I need to be the skinniest, its because I want to feel good. I already have more energy and feel better that’s payment enough. No matter how skinny I do get I am still going to have stretch marks and wider hips. I’m not going to let this bother me, I will find a swimsuit and stop feeling bad about myself because I have nothing to be ashamed of.

So join me this summer and don’t be afraid to go to the pool or beach in that swimsuit, let’s celebrate how beautiful we all our because we are unique and end the judgment. Stop worrying about what social media says you should look like and just be you and happy with you. I want you to give a compliment to another woman next time you are out, you will make their day and we will spread the love of making each know we are all beautiful.

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17 thoughts on “I hate Swimsuit shopping!!! It’s Social Media’s fault

  1. I really like this! As you said you should be proud of having a baby and who you are! So well put. I agree about media, I felt so fat after 9 kids you can imagine, well my kids said mom, look around where are those people from the magazines? they are not real!! You look great mom, so wow that made me change my attitude! Anyway love this post!

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  2. What a fab post! This is a positive and great approach to the body and self image. I always call my stretch marks trophies of motherhood and am thinking of getting a swimming costume myself and trying some water therapy. I know im not the perfect size and people stare but I really don’t care. They will see a fat woman. I will see me, someone who has lost 30 lbs and is less fat! lol. It’s not easy to feel comfortable in your body no matter what size you/we are but your post can help others to feel better about it! Thanks for linking up to #PositivelyPosted. This is certainly a positive post!

    Angela xx

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  3. You go girl! None of us like to shop for bathing suits!

    I like this line, “So join me this summer and don’t be afraid to go to the pool or beach in that swimsuit, let’s celebrate how beautiful we all our because we are unique and end the judgment.”

    Found you on Turn it up Tuesday.

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