My favorite Gel Polish colors for Summer


If you have been reading my blog you know I am a licensed Nail Tech and love all things beauty related. Although in recent years its become more of a hobby for me since becoming a Domesticated Goddess, however I am still passionate about it and continue to do a few friends and family members nails. I have been sold on Gel Polish since it was first released, it’s an amazing product and if you have not tried it yet you are missing out. How can you not love a polish that lasts for up to 14 days and does not chip? Now if you have had a bad experience with gel polish my guess is the person applying it did not know what they were doing.

I decided to share my favorite Gel Polish colors for summertime, summertime is all about the fun colors. Maybe your more of a neutrals kinda girl, but summer is a great time to branch out and try something different. So branch out the next time you go to get your nails or toes done.

Lobster Roll- This is a great bright red for summer, very popular color I use a lot on clients.

lobster roll

Pink Bikini- A nice bright pink, one of my personal favorites.


Bicycle Yellow- This color you might think is out of your comfort zone but I promise you will get lots of compliments.


Shake it til you Samba- This is a very bright pink, that is perfect for those summer vacations.

shake it

Mali Blu Me Away-Another bold color but you will love it, its amazing I love this blue!

mali blu

Carnival Hangover-The perfect purple for summer, I have a lot of clients who love this one too.

carnival hangover

These are just a few I could go on a lot more, but these are definitely some of my top favorites. I am even wearing bicycle yellow right now. So next time your getting your nails done give one of these colors a try and let me know what you think. Do you have any colors that are your summer favorites? Share them with us.

Nail Crazy,

Domesticated Goddess

Domestic Momster
My Random Musings

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