Tips to Planning a successful kids birthday party


I love party planning, maybe one day I’ll make a profession of it. I’ve enjoyed it more so now having my own child. My son’s birthday is a little over a month a way so the planning process has begun. Yes I’m sure some of you are saying “It’s a month away that’s more than enough time, why are you starting so early?”
Well it’s really never to early to start party planning, and here is why:

Theme: Start out by coming up with the theme for your child’s party, if they are old enough they can choose. We started this process a few weeks ago and my son chose Jurassic World (I have no idea why I won’t let him see the movie he is too young).

This was last years theme Lego Movie, which by the way not one ounce of party stuff for this had to make all my own.

lego party


Cost: If you start planning in advance you can buy bits and pieces for the party a little at a time so you do not have to stress over throwing down a big chunk of change all at once.

Venues: Depending on were you choose to have the party some venues require reservations several weeks in advance especially during busy months like during summer.

Rentals: This also applies to rentals, like bounce houses or people you hire to come to your home. We have done a bounce house rental for the past 3 years at our home because that is what my son has always asked for. I learned the hard way the first year if you do not book the one you want far enough in advance you won’t get it. Yes, we are doing one again this year and yes it’s already booked.

Party Favors/Décor: If you are like me I really like making a lot of the party décor myself, I find the party stores have less and less that really stand out. So if you are planning some do it yourself items for the big party again you need to give yourself plenty of time to work on them. This will also help so you are not spending hours and hours a day working on them. The worst thing is to be up all night the day before stressed trying to finish.

Food/Cake: Order these at least 2 weeks before your party to ensure they are able to accommodate what you are requesting. Depending on the caterer they may only needs to few days notice but the more notice the better so you are their priority.

Invitations: You will need to give 2 weeks notice when sending invites (yea I know who does this right everyone sends texts or Facebook) I still like sending a mailed invitations its more personal plus I usually send an additional Facebook invite. Two weeks is a good timeframe because it gives your attendees enough notice to plan for it. Any sooner they might forget and any later they may already have plans.

Those are just a few of my tips for having successful birthday party or any party for that matter. It’s all about the planning and doing it in advance so you minimize your stress along with any disappointments of getting the perfect items for your party.

More post to come as I start to create Jurassic World for my sons birthday, my husband has no idea what he is in for, hehe.


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17 thoughts on “Tips to Planning a successful kids birthday party

  1. Ooh will have to bookmark this as the idea of planning a kids party terrifies me! I will also remember to steer him towards a them that’s popular so that it’s easy to get decorations 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

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  2. I agree, you need to have things figured out in advance. My son’s birthday is in April & one year I couldn’t get a cake because it was communion time of year!

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  3. Wow you know how to throw a party. I will come to you next time. I just threw a hello kitty one, I say just, I mean in June but it has taken me this long t get over it. Love the dcs in your pic. #famjamlinky

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  4. I’m exactly the same!! S turned 3 in March and I started planning his birthday in January. I ended up having stuff ordered from China/Hong Kong so I was glad for the extra time but the best thing about planning in advance is staggering all the expenses! Thanks for linking up to #happyquacks xx

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  5. With my oldest toddler starting school this year I am sure that he will want a “themed” party. Great tips! Thank you for linking up with #momsterslink and so sorry that I am late on my commenting. BTW I love your little shoe and lipstick signature!

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