Epic Mom Fail of the Day

Things have been pretty crazy around our house for the past few weeks between being gone and having to run my stepson around to multiple physical therapy appointments from his shoulder surgery. I feel it’s been never ending running around with my head cut off. The end of this week things have finally mellowed out my stepson is able to drive himself now and we haven’t had a lot going on.

My poor youngest has been getting a little stir crazy we haven’t had a lot of time to go do anything or go on play dates with his friends. So today I thought I will plan something fun for us to do. He’s been begging me to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for awhile now and I have tried to avoid it because that place is a nightmare but the kids love it. I tell him that we are going to go to Chuck-E-Cheese and that kid lite up like a Christmas tree he was so excited.

I knew I could suck it up there for a while so he could have some fun.

Well we pull up to Chuck-E-Cheese and to our shock it’s closed and out of business! I took a deep breath and told my son, it was no longer there. Oh wow did I feel bad and felt my heart sink when I saw the utter disappointment in my sons face. His eyes started to well up with tears as the disappointment sank in more and more. Then the meltdown began.

I felt awful I had no idea they went out of business that place has been there since I was a kid. I had been getting him so pumped up all morning to go too. I felt even worse when my son proceeded to tell me ” This is the worst day ever”.

So feeling guilty I asked him what he would like to do instead, he just said he wanted to go home and be sad.

I told him we could go to lunch and go grab an ice cream. His response was “The only thing that would cheer me up now is a toy”

Man kids know how to manipulate at such a young age. So feeling bad for now checking prior to taking him there, I decided to take him to the store and pick out a small prize. That seemed to avert the meltdown we were having about how awful this day was.

So not only did I have a mom fail moment, I gave in to my child’s guilt trip for a toy. What was your mom or dad fail? I would love to hear your stories.

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