Cream Cheese stuffed Chicken wrapped in Prosciutto


Who doesn’t love prosciutto, it’s almost as good as bacon. One of our favorite treats is prosciutto wrapped asparagus, so I got to thinking why not wrap it around chicken. I realize that is no knew concept or anything, I just had some a few prosciutto weeks ago and was trying to decide what to do with the chicken I had taken out for dinner. So I wrapped the chicken and baked it, it was good but I felt it needed something else.

This week’s experiment I decided to try adding cream cheese on top of the chicken then wrapping the chicken in prosciutto and tada! It was so good and the chicken stayed juicy with added flavor.

What you need:

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts


Cream Cheese (I used the flavor Garden Vegetable)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Ground Pepper (I use coarse ground pepper)



  1. Separate your prosciutto slices prior this will make it easier when you are ready to wrap it around the chicken. Depending on the size of the chicken breast you use you may need two slices per chicken breast. I also separated the cream cheese into a separate bowl as not to contaminate the left over cream cheese.


2. Spread the cream cheese on each chicken breast so it’s nice and coated, then wrap each slice of prosciutto tightly around the chicken breast and place them in a lightly greased oven safe dish.


3. Once you have all the pieces wrapped brush some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) over the prosciutto on the top side so the prosciutto does not get too crisp. Then sprinkle the pepper over each one to your liking.


4. Place in oven at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes, you may need to add more time depending on the size and thickness of the chicken you are using. Also if you would like your prosciutto a little crisper, you can set your oven to broil and broil the chicken for the last 5 minutes of the time.

There you have it, a great flavorful chicken dish and the chicken stays nice and juicy. I would love to hear your feedback on this recipe as it’s just something I threw together and if you put your own spin on it. Looking forward to reading your comments.

Yours truly from her kitchen,

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