My Child wants to be a Youtube Star


My youngest son has quite the personality, he is one of the happiest kids I know and seriously a little comedian at times. It started out that he loved watching America’s Funniest home videos on Kids Youtube, then we found a few other channels on Kids Youtube. He absolutely loves watching Evantube and Skylander family. If your Kids watch these channels I’m sure you already understand but if they don’t basically these families do product and toy reviews from a kids point of view.

My son has become obsessed with the videos and I have to limit his iPad time or he would literally watch the thing all day long if I let him. Ever since he’s been watching he’s been bugging me to make his own videos and that he wants to do that. I have been telling him no for quite some time but he has been in serious negotiations with me to let him record a video. So the other night I decided to let him, just for something fun for him to try and use his big imagination.

My little Madman set up his room and toys, and I brought him my iPhone and set it up to record and showed him how to start his video once he was ready. He made a bunch of videos and I went back through them, and it was quite hilarious. He took the whole thing so seriously it was so cute.

I decided to share one of his videos, I had to clip it because it went on forever but too cute. I’m sure I’m bias since I am his mother.

I hope you enjoy the video,

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4 thoughts on “My Child wants to be a Youtube Star

  1. What a cutie. I had no sound though ;( I think that my computer is acting up so I will have to try from my phone later. My 5 year old had started to watch Minecraft videos on youtube but the hubby said no no no and took youtube off of his tablet. Thank you for once again linking up with #momsterslink! Hope to see you again today!


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