Pedi Princess Flip Flops Product Review


Hello all! I’m so excited to share this product review with you, with this exciting product. Also ensure you read to the bottom for an exciting offer! Being a licensed nail tech one of the things that would frustrate me when doing a pedicure for a client would be the cheap pedicure flip flops and the toe separators that you battle with to keep your clients polish from being smeared after you just worked so hard to make their toes look great. We’ve all worn those paper-thin pedicure flops and I have had many pairs break on clients and they are slippery. No a good combination when you just got done being pampered and now you have to stress if you can get out to your car without falling or messing up your polish.

Here is some information on what these are all about:

The Pedi Princess is the brainchild of the renowned Fashion and Interior Designer Laura Slipak.

Pedi Princess Flip Flops is revolutionizing the way we ladies are receiving pedicures! No more flimsy pedicure flip flops – we are cute, comfy, and fashionable and not to mention safe.

Who doesn’t want a flip flop that is comfortable, stylish, and safe. Throw them in your trunk and they are reusable each time you go in for a pedicure.

Another great point we like to make is that those flip flops you buy from the salon end up in landfills all over the US. With our Pedi Princess Flip Flops, they are reusable and will end up saving you money!

So what does this Domesticated Goddess think, I loved them! They are an actual flip flop that you can wear on your way to the Spa and home. You don’t have to worry about falling in them, having them break, or ruining your fabulous polish. The Princess Pedi has built in toe separators with cute bling on each separator. It does take a second to get used to the separators between your toes but it’s not bad. They also come with this carrying bag too so you can take them with you anywhere.




As a nail tech these are great for me because I can offer these to clients and I don’t have to spend money on two products for their feet. I usually have to purchase the paper-thin pedicure flip flops and toe separators, now I can offer these to clients and they can reuse them, how awesome it that! I would say if you work in the Salon industry these would be a great product to offer to your clients.

If you just like having pedicures these are great for you to purchase and be able to reuse each time you go have a pedicure. These would also be great gifts to give to friends and family for a spa day. There are so many fun colors and designs to choose from.


As their website says “The Pedi Princess is not just a pedicure sandal it’s a Fashion Statement!”

Wondering wear you can purchase these or find out more information? Here is there website and you can also find them on these Social Media sites. Also I am happy to announce my followers get a special offer code to receive 20% off your purchase with Pedi Princess, how great is that!

Promo Code: NICOLE20


I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, I have also included their press release for you to read also.

Have a great day,

new logo

Press Release:

Pedi Princess It’s not just a pedicure sandal,

it’s a fashion statement!

Pedi Princess—the flip flop that is

revolutionizing the way women receive a

pedicure is the perfect gift for the upcoming

holiday season. Pedi Princess isn’t an

ordinary flip flop—they have rhinestoned toe

separators making them the perfect pedicure

sandal, just polish and go! Women no longer

have to hold their breath as the nail

technician removes the paper in-between

your toes and slips on your standard flipflops,

hoping that the polish won’t get


“I was tired of receiving a pedicure, only to

have to have it retouched as a result of the

polish being smeared as the tissue or toe

separators were peeled away, “says Laura

Slipak, creator of Pedi Princess. “I wanted

something that I could wear in to the nail

salon and wear out, thus, Pedi Princess was


After designing, owning and operating the

well-known boutique hotel “The Mod Resort”

in Palm Desert for a number of years, Slipak

eventually sold the hotel and moved back to

Los Angeles , to pursue her passion of

fashion and interior design. What had been a

project in her mind for seven years finally

came to life when she was able to get Pedi

Princess off the ground. With her extent

background in fashion, owning her own brand

“Miss Vintage”, Laura has put together some

fun and fashionable patterns..

A perfect product for women of all ages, the

thought “Why didn’t I think of that?” usually

comes to mind upon seeing the great pairing

of rhinestones, flip-flops and pedicure


Pedi Princess sandals are durable—and

definitely stylish enough— to wear out of the

salon and as everyday lifestyle shoe. With

adorable patterns such as fish, flowers,lace ,

geometric ,zebra and

leopard.. to name a few..all in an array of

beautiful colors, women will find themselves

putting their Pedi Princess on time and time


Pedi Princess flip flops retail for $12- $20 – a

fraction of what a standard pedicure costs, so

the investment is well worth it. Not only are

they great gifts for the women on your holiday

shopping list, but at their low cost, they are

affordable enough to stock up on for future

hostess gifts, brides-to-be can gift them to

their bridesmaids for that pre-wedding

pedicure, as the bride herself wears the

special wedding lace & flower edition Pedi


Pedi Princess is the perfect combination of

fashion and function and are making a splash

in the fashion and spa markets. Because

what women doesn’t want a flawless

pedicure while wearing a beautiful sandal?

Domesticated Momster
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