Kindergarten, harder for Moms or Kids?


That’s the question of the day who struggles with the emotions of sending your kids off to school? As a mother I have been dreading this day for some months now, wondering how my little baby got so big. The closer it got to his first day of school the more surreal it seemed. This is my first kid sending them off to school so I felt like a greenhorn, not knowing what to do or expect. I kept my anxiety to myself though, as I did not want it to affect my little guy.

I did the normal things with him to get him pumped for school, back to school shopping, letting him pick out his very first backpack, and we went to back to school night so he could meet his teacher and see his classroom ahead of time. He was so excited asking everyday “Is today a school day”. This made me happy he was excited but of course also sad that he was excited and ready to be out on his own.

Then it was the night before the first day of school, and I felt like a crazy person so much anxiety and still not really knowing what to expect or how he would act when I dropped him off.  I barely slept that night, it was awful.

The next morning I got my little Mad man up and he popped right out of bed eager to get ready, which was nice because it’s usually a war to get him dressed lately since he is in that independent  stage where he wants to pick out his own outfit. We got him all ready, and it was time for pictures. I order this cute sign on Etsy from ShopCelebrationLane, it turned out great.


We took a few pictures then it was time to go, which up to that point I had been keeping it together quite well. Now my anxiety was back this was also partly because I was worried he could not remember how to get to class. They do not allow you to walk the kids to class and are pretty strict with the pick up and dropping off. It was a bit odd and I didn’t love that.

So we pulled up and Mad man was ready, he went to get out of the car and I made him stop and give me a hug which of course he rolled his eyes when I asked for a hug. Then he was off to find his teacher, I pulled over n front of the school to watch and make sure he found his teacher okay. As I saw him trotting off to his class with his fellow classmates I lost it, overwhelmed with mixed emotions of sadness that my baby is so big and excitement for him to learn and have new adventures.

Then I got back home and my house was quite, normally I would be so excited for piece and quite but that day I was not it seemed too quite. The time went by fast though since they only do a half day for Kindergarten here, so I picked up my little guy. He was so excited from the day and couldn’t wait to tell me about everything he did, which made me so happy and excited for him.

What a rollercoaster ride the first day of school was, for me at least 🙂 I’m sure it depends on the child and mom but I think for most mom’s it sets in that our kids are growing up so fast and we need to enjoy each moment.

Was your first day as emotional as mine, I would love to hear about?

Yours truly an emotional wreck,

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