Quote of the Week #7

I love this quote especially for kids, I think its a great reminder to teach our children that its ok to be themselves and not to try to be like everyone else. That’s something I am trying to reinforce while my son is young and now with him starting school the peer pressures will only get worse as he gets older. So I want him to remember this quote and I wanted to share one of my favorite pics of him. This was two years ago but I think the photographer did an amazing job capturing my son’s silly personality.

Dr seuss

Happy Monday Everyone,

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6 thoughts on “Quote of the Week #7

  1. Brilliant photo and I love the quote – it’s so hard teaching them that different is actually good.
    Good luck with your lil man starting school and being his own person.
    Sammy x

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  2. That’s a great lesson for your son – to be his own person & stand out from the crowd.Great photo too! Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles x


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