Let’s stop using the word Diet, what are your thoughts?


Now your probably thinking what does she mean by this? Well it started with this weight loss competition my husband and I decided to do with a group of friends. For my husband and I it has become more than a way to loss weight, it was that breaking point for both of us when we decided we are sick of feeling tired all the time and not having any energy. So together we decided we wanted to make a lifestyle change for ourselves as well as teaching our kids to be healthier.

We have been going strong for about 2 1/2 months now and not only have we lost the weight we have been trying to for years with failed fad diets, we feel so much better. With that people have started to take notice of our new habits and I get asked what diet are you doing. I tell people we are not dieting, we have made an overall lifestyle change. We have chosen not to eat processed foods, cut out sugars (we have some natural sugars in our food), only eat complex carbs and limiting our carb intake, and most important portion control. When people hear this, they automatically say we are dieting and that they cannot live like that or give up all those things. We get mixed reactions from people but I am surprised by the negative ones when they hear how we have chosen to eat.

clean eat

This has surprised me at what a negative word “Diet” has become to people. I guess its due to all the fad diets out there and we have all done them and become frustrated when they do not work or our results do not last because we gain the weight back once we go back to the ways we are custom to eating. I even wanted to see what the definition of diet was, and this is what I found in the Oxford Dictionary:


A special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons

Even this definition makes the word sound negative don’t you think?

They tell you when you want to lose weight 70% of it is your diet, but with such negativity attached it’s no wonder we all run from eating a healthier lifestyle when we see the word RESTRICTION attached to it.

I also realized using it around the house was causing a negative effect on my youngest. My husband and I are having great success so we have been pretty pumped. It wasn’t until one day I was getting my son ready for swim lessons that I realized why I would no longer use the word diet. I forgot to wash his swim shirt and I told him it was ok he doesn’t need it anyway. My son got so upset stating he could not go without it because everyone would see his fat tummy and he needed to go on a diet. My jaw dropped to the floor to realize that my son had been listening to what we have been saying about ourselves (my son is in no way fat at all) losing weight. I had no idea at 5 years old that my son would even feel that way or that talking about dieting would negatively affect him.

So at that moment we decided not to talk about ourselves in a negative light, which if you have been reading my blog that is something I am working hard on that as a woman I need to love myself for myself and not how the magazines tell me to look. We also decided dieting was not a healthy word to use either, so when people ask what we’ve been doing I now tell them we have chosen to a lifestyle change. If they want details I go into my workout regiment, and what a typical day of meals looks like for our family.

This whole thing like I said has become more than about losing weight for us, it’s become a way of living so we can teach our kids better habits than we have been raised with and so that we can help prevent other health problems down the road as well.

So I am interested what your take is on the word “Diet”, do you feel it’s become a negative? What do you use in your life to describe your lifestyle? I would love to hear others perspective on this.

Your Lifestyle Changing,

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13 thoughts on “Let’s stop using the word Diet, what are your thoughts?

  1. i love the term Clean Eating and that is what we are trying to do as a family- eat cleaner/healthier food and it sounds way better than Diet.

    Angela from daysinbed.com

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  2. It is unfortunate that the word diet has such negative connotations attached to it. I do the same thing as far as eating healthier but it took me years to come around to what it really meant. When I was younger I thought the same thing: that eating healthy meant cutting out all of the food I love and therefore, it was a diet, but I’ve since come to accept that it just means changing your eating habits. My youngest also said something about dieting and I was blown away. Great post! Thanks for sharing with #wineandboobs

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  3. I think calling it a healthy lifestyle is much better. Unfortunately, there are soooo many fad diets out there with quick solutions. They don’t fall under the healthy living category. Your approach is much better x

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  4. I would rather change the way I eat and live a healthier lifestyle than restrict myself in a diet. Living a healthy lifestyle with clean eating or making good choices whatever you choose to call it sets you up to succeed. If you make a good choice of having 1/2 a candy bar instead of 4 you are still allowing yourself to have what is “bad”. That way you don’t feel like a failure when you “cheat”. PS I know 4 candy bars is a tad bit extreme but you get what I am saying. #wineandboobs

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  5. Absolutely agree. I also hate the way that ‘low fat’ and ‘healthy’ seem to have become synonymous with ‘low-calorie’; it’s such a simplified way of looking at things. Sometimes it seems like the only reason to eat healthier food or exercise is to lose weight, and inevitably this is the message that’s being sent out to our kids. However I think it is also possible to take things too far; everything in moderation, including moderation. #wineandboobs

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  7. I’m really surprised about the actual definition! I think it’s great that you have decided to have a healthier lifestyle. It is scary what the little ones pick up on, I noticed that with my cousins so we are already being careful around Lucas so it is second nature when he starts understanding x

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