What you must know before you travel

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My husband and I are getting ready for our first vacation without kids in about 6 years, yes we have had little weekend getaways here and there to keep our sanity. I have spent the last week prepping for this vacation since we will be going out of the country and not taking the kids so there were some new stresses to consider when leaving now since we have more to worry about than ourselves. I knew we need to have everything in order in case there was an emergency while we are gone or heaven forbid something happens to us but unfortunately you need to think about these things.

So here are some tips and things you should consider doing prior to traveling and especially if you are leaving your kids with family while you are gone:

Power of Attorney over Protected Minor ChildThis allows for your family members to make decisions for you while taking care of your children. Granted you can make this specific for example: they are able to talk to the doctors and make medical decision in the event your child has an emergency. Some states have a template online you can download to fill out and have notarized, that way you are not spending money on an attorney.


Will and Trust I know most of us don’t think about this because its a bit depressing however it’s very important that you have one in place in the even something does happen to you and your spouse/partner. You want your children to be taken care of and not have your assets locked up by the state for months until everything is resolved. There are many legit online sites that you can have a Will written up in just moments and its very affordable.

Pets If you have pets I would advise trying to find a legitimate pet sitting service that can watch your pets at your home, this helps with the stress for your pets while you are away. If you cannot then make sure find a pet boarding service with great ratings and you call far in advance to make arrangements.

SchoolEnsure you let your child’s school and teachers know that you will be traveling so if there are issues or emergencies the school knows who to contact.

Credit CardsIf you travel a lot you probably already know this one, but in another life before being a Domesticated Goddess I worked in the Financial Industry and I had so many clients call upset that their credit/debit cards were shut off while they were traveling. This is because your financial institution see this as unusual activity if one minute you ae in your home area then a day later someone is making purchases from Paris. Ensure you contact your financial institution and let them know when and where you are traveling to and for how long so they are aware that this will be normal activity for you and they will not shut your cards off while you are vacation.

Home/ApartmentLeave an extra set of keys with a trusted family member or friend so they can periodically check on your home to ensure nothing has happened. If you are leaving during the cold months you may want to shut your water off or ensure you leave the heat on so your pipes do not freeze and flood your home.

Phone CallsCheck with your wireless provider to see if your plan covers you internationally if you are traveling out of the country. Most do not but if you check with them they usually have a pretty affordable plan you can add while you are traveling then remove once you are back.

Packing ChecklistThis really is important especially if you are going to be gone fore more than a few days, make yourself a checklist so you can ensure you do not forget things like camera, sunscreen, Advil for your hangover.


You may be a worldly traveler so you may have these down pack but hopefully this helps if you are not. Happy travels!

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7 thoughts on “What you must know before you travel

  1. I’ve got a couple to add to that list that some people forget:
    1. Take a copy of your passport with you and its best to also leave a copy with a family member in case you end up losing everything along the way.
    2. The State Department has a program called “STEP” that keeps you updated of any major events/threats that you should be aware of during your travels.
    3. Check the State Department for travel rules to your destination (did you know some countries outlaw pocket knives?) as well as vaccinations you might need.

    Great reminders! #anythinggoes

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