Our Playa Del Carmen Vacation


My husband and I took our first vacation without kids in over 5 years, I cannot believe we have waited so long. We have had mini vacations over a weekend but nothing long. We went to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico with 2 other couples who are our good friends. It was to celebrate two of our friends 40th birthdays, so what better way to celebrate than an all adult vacation!


We all stayed at an adults only all inclusive resort, we stayed at the Valentin Imperial Maya. If you are going on an adults only vacation I highly recommend these resorts that do not allow anyone under 18 years of age. Especially since the point is to not have kids there, there’s nothing worse than trying to relax by the pool and a bunch of kids are doing cannonballs into the pool (oh wait I think we may have been doing those, LOL).


I have never stayed at an all inclusive resort but I would definitely recommend it, were we stayed all our food was include and all the alcohol too (it’s dangerous all you can drink). I really enjoyed our hotel too, the rooms were nice, the food good, the drinks amazing of course they only taste better the more you have 🙂 There was all day entertainment also provided by the resort, which kept things fun.

We mostly lounged by the pool all day which was nice to just relax, chat with friends, and have lots of margaritas!

My husband got scuba certified prior to us going since one of our friends was already and he has always wanted to. Now you ask did I? Hell no, I did not. I have an irrational fear that Jaws is going to eat me, I watched the movie way too young as a child and couldn’t even go in the deep end of the swimming pool for years. I know sad right. I was happy for my husband though, he went two others in our group and they went diving off the cost near Cozumel. He said it was amazing and they saw lots of sea life including some nurse sharks.

One of my friends for her birthday excursion wanted to go swim with the dolphins, and I have always wanted to so we went over to Dolphin Discovery in Cozumel and did that while our husbands scuba dived. It was such a fun experience getting in the water with the dolphin. We got to kiss the dolphin, swim with him just like a trainer would and pet him. They are such beautiful animals, and so powerful in the water it was so neat.



We also went to downtown Playa Del Carmen, to wonder the shops and check out the dinning. The shopping stressed me out, the people are constantly coming at you trying to get you to go in their shops to buy things. And if you did go in it was a constant barrage of trying to get you to buy something, which made me just leave the store and not buy anything. I also learned I suck at negotiating, I could not talk anyone down in price. We got offered all kinds of things of course its Mexico after all, I got offered tequila, vanilla, drugs, and a Mexican boyfriend for rent (LMAO). Which to clarify I bought none of the above.

If you are looking for an affordable vacation and want beautiful beaches this is a great place to go, they resort was perfect and their service was amazing. Although my one piece of advice is to watch out for the taxi’s there, they will tell you one price then charge you more once you are to your destination. It saves you money if you pay in Pesos because they will charge you more if you use USD because they have to exchange the currency.

It was a great week of laughs, friends, adventures, and lots of drinking. Now I need to cleanse my liver from my all day drinking.

Happy Trails,

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4 thoughts on “Our Playa Del Carmen Vacation

  1. I’m so jealous! What a fab looking adult vacation! Your mentioning of the taxis brings back memories of my grandfather on family trips bartering with them before we would leave any location. He would always exchange the American money at the hotel for the currency of wherever we were. I learned a lot about traveling in foreign countries from my grandfather. Thanks for sharing your vacation with #momsterslink and I apologize for the delay in my commenting 😉👍🏼

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