Pumpkin Decor Ideas

It’s Halloween time, my favorite holiday! I am in full DIY mode, doing lots of fun Halloween crafts and getting my house all decorated. I have been frustrated the last few years as it seems like Halloween has become non-exsistant in the stores and there are not very many decorations I feel are worth buying. So I have resorted to making a lot of my own, whether for inside or outside my home. I was not blogging last year so I am super excited to share all my fun holiday likes and ideas.

We decided to have our craft group and do a Halloween craft, you may remember my post about Starting a craft group. So we ventured off to Michael’s Craft store to see what we could do. They happened to be having huge sale on their Halloween items and carvable pumpkins (These are may favorite since you can re-use them). They also had some how DIY ideas around the store so this really helped us decide what we wanted to do. If you have not been to Michael’s lately you need to go and their website is full of great tips and how to’s.

We decide on two pumpkin projects, a centerpiece pumpkin and a wall banner pumpkin.

Here are the centerpieces, we got all our materials from Michael’s either in the Halloween area or you can find some of the items in the floral area. These were extremely easy, and quick to make. You just have to drill holes in the pumpkin (thank you to my husband for drilling the holes since he does not trust me with a drill) and you may have to cut some of the floral items with wire cutters depending on the desired length.



Finished Products:



Project #2 the banner, you can find instructions here:Michael’s Boo Banner

Read them carefully, they are not the greatest instructions and we still had to figure a few things out on our own. There was a bit of trial and error and several trips back to the store, however I really like how they turned out.


Finished Project:



Then of coarse my little Mad Man has to craft with us and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is his cute pumpkin he picked out to do and made himself.


It’s not too late if you haven’t made anything yet, so get out there and craft. I would love to see your pumpkin crafts, leave your creative ideas in the comments for all to see!

Happy Halloween,

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