Disneyland Diamond Celebration Vacation


We are big Disney fans in my house, I may have mentioned. I like to go as often as I can,and I have enjoyed taking my son each year. We took him for the first time when he was 3 years old, and we have gone for the last three years. My favorite time to go is in October when they have the park all decorated for Halloween, I can’t go any other time now because it doesn’t compare. We also love doing Mickey’s Halloween party, where you get to Trick-or-Treat in Disneyland.

My husband doesn’t love going very often so I have gone the last few years without him, so I was very excited when he agreed to go this year.

This year was even more special in Disneyland not only was the park decorated for Halloween, it was even more dressed up for Disney’s Diamond Celebration. The park was even more dazzling, the desserts were more enticing, and the parades were amazing.


My son has been dying to go to LEGOLAND so we also decided to take him this trip since we have not, and I was worried if we waited any longer he may be getting to old for it.

We had a lot of fun, my son got to go on his first plane ride to California. He did amazing going through security, you would have thought he was an expert flyer. He loved the plane ride and had so much fun.

Some of my favorite parts of our trip, were seeing my son so excited to meet the Disney characters when we had breakfast with Minnie and friends. My favorite part of breakfast was the French toast with Carmel Banana Syrup, its to die for.


We went on all our favorite rides, and I got my son to try some new rides now that he was tall enough. He was not a fan of Space Mountain but loved Indian Jones.


Our trip was pretty uneventful, except my son got car sick on the way to LEGOLAND and threw up in our rental car. That’s always fun, thankfully he got feeling better and was able to enjoy LEGOLAND.

Then our last night there I got food poisoning and was up all night in the bathroom miserable. We had to fly home the next day, so that was the longest day of my life trying to make it threw airport security without throwing up all over. I did spend a lot of time in the bathroom on the plane, not one of my favorite memories from the trip.


Other than that our trip was amazing and I am having the vacation blues. If you can make the Diamond Celebration I highly recommend it, the Paint the night parade is incredible along with the firework show.

Sincerely your Disney crazed,

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5 thoughts on “Disneyland Diamond Celebration Vacation

  1. Sounds fab, I do love Halloween and I imagine, as you say, it is truly magical at Halloween. We took my daughter to Paris when she was 6, just the once. I didn’t realise there was also LEGOLAND in California. My husband and I went years ago just for the day. I remember it being empty – we were blessed. I’m sure the same doesn’t apply now and I imagine it has changed somewhat since then! Nicky #twinklytuesday

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