Quote of the Week #12


Things you can expect from this Domesticated Goddess, is that I am real. I have always been proud of myself for being blunt, honest, and real. I was never the person who followed others because it was the cool thing, I always chose my own path even if people did not agree. It may not have worked out but I learned from those mistakes.

People who know me well, know that if they come to me for advice they should not ask if they want someone to sugar coat things. I will give them my honest opinion and people either love me for it or hate it. I find it sad that more people don’t respect that, because I respect those people in my life that are real with me. They are the people you can trust and count on the most.


My husband said something to me last week, after I was struggling with some things and people not liking my honesty and sharing my opinions. He told me that is one thing he has always loved about me is that I say it how it is and people always know where they stand with me. He loves that I am not fake and I should not have to feel sorry for that. Just him saying that made all the difference to me and that people do appreciate someone who is real even if we may not want to hear it at the time. I remembered that is one thing I like about myself and I do not need to be sorry for that.

So remember to be true to yourself, and honest and real. There is no shame in that.

Have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Quote of the Week #12

  1. I used to be so blunt that people often got offended and I have learned how to approach certain subjects more diplomatically but I’ve also reached a point in my life where I just don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. I’m a nice person but if I have something to say, I am going to say it. I love your quotes!

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  2. I love this and totally agree. My job means that I have to be honest, I do it as politely and as gently as possible but I have to be truthful. In real life, I have learned that unless you are truthful, your ‘niceness’ might be misinterpreted as either agreeing or condoning. A great quote xx


  3. Great advice this week! Being yourself can be a tough one to figure out as a teen & young adult. I think people really settle into themselves as they get older. x


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