Da Bomb Brownies


These have to be one of my family’s favorite treats I make, although since we have been clean eating I have not made them in a very long time. However, I promised my husband that if he hit his weight loss goal that I would make them for him. “Drum roll please………..” He blew his goal out of the water so he got his prize, hooray!!!

What you need:


  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Brownie Mix (You could be ambitious and do all home made, that is not me)
  • Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies 1 package
  • Carmel (You can use a caramel syrup or candy caramels you can melt)

How to make:

  1. Get a 13×9 oven safe baking dish, grease the pan. Then take your cookie dough and create a layer at the bottom of the pan. I like to make the layer a little thicker because it can burn easily if you make it too thin.


2.Next layer the double stuffed Oreos on top of the cookie dough. You can use regular Oreos like I have seen in other recipes but I feel the double stuff makes it so much better!

3.Now it’s time for the caramel! You can see this time I used the hard caramels that you would melt for apples and put them all over in between the Oreos. I have used caramel syrup in the past but I feel sometimes you cannot tell it’s there unless you use a ton.


4.Then make the brownies in a separate bowl and follow the directions on the box. Once made you will pour the brownie mix over the top of the other layers.

5.Now let’s get this deliciousness cooking, you will bake them according to the directions on the brownie box. However, my word of caution check them 5 to 10 minutes before the recommended time because the cookie dough tends to bake a lot faster and you may burn the bottom layer.


Now that you have them ready to serve, I love to serve them in a bowl with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Can you say yum!

Another little tip if you did over cook the cookie dough part, and they are a little hard the next day. Put them in the microwave for a 25 seconds and warm them up and you have a warm tasty treat and it softens them right up again.


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