Quote of the Week #14


Christmas is now in full swing, it’s everywhere you turn. This is one of my favorite holidays so I started decorating prior to Thanksgiving. One thing I love more than getting presents is giving them and helping those less fortunate. It’s such an amazing time of year to see all the good people come together and do. It’s even more uplifting seeing so much good spread especially with everything going on in the world and these awful people trying to spread hate. It’s even more important for us all to show them they cannot take away our freedom, love, hope, and we will not live in fear.

I love this line from one of my favorite Christmas movies, it’s a great reminder of that Christmas is about more than gifts. IT’s about everyone coming together and enjoying the ones they love.

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season, and remember to spread the holiday joy!

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One thought on “Quote of the Week #14

  1. Absolutely hun!! Christmas should be a lot more. I think it’s so important to get this message through to the kiddies. Plus, I love the Grinch movie! Thank you for sharing your Christmassy quote with candid cuddles x


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