DIY Christmas Decor


If you have read my blog you know we love doing our monthly craft nights, here are some of our latest DIY Christmas crafts. I tried out my hand  for the first time at making a deco mesh wreath. It took me two tries to get the hang of it, but I found a really great tutorial on youtube that helped me work out what I messed up the first time around. Here is the tutorial:
Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial


Then we also made some fun holiday centerpieces, I actually loved the first one I made so much I decided this would be a great gift idea so I made a second one as a gift for my mother-in-law.





The best part about these DIY centerpieces they are all under $40, to get something like this pre-made at your local boutique or craft store you are looking at paying $60 or more. So you save money plus it makes for a fun girls night. The mesh wreaths cost around $20 to make. Now these prices are based on getting most everything on sale. We got all our supplies at Michael’s craft store. If you watch their ads closely you will find they have really great discounts and sales.


I hope you enjoy our fun crafts and that inspires you to try your own.

Happy Holidays,

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