Quote of the Week #15


I’m finally back after taking some time off from blogging to get through the holiday season. I had a fabulous Christmas and New Years and I hope you all did too! I definitely missed blogging but was so busy I didn’t need one more thing on my plate.

So I have been doing some pondering the past few days on what my New Years resolution would be. Would I go with the standard answer of lose weight, be more patient,etc. We all set these goals and sometimes we achieve them or they trickle off by the end of the month. I decided I wanted more of a motto or word to live by for the year, that would help me to meet all my goals.

I decided that word is:


Now that does not mean my goal is to go out and inspire the world necessarily. I chose this word because yes it feels good to inspire others but I also love when others inspire me!

My husband and I were inspired by a challenge to have a healthier lifestyle and that worked out great for us (yes we have fallen off the wagon with the holidays) now we know for this year our lifestyle and goal for being healthy is attainable. I hope that does inspire people, that the everyday person can achieve their goals to be healthy.

My 6 year old son inspires me everyday with his humor and love for life. He makes me want to try harder each day, to show him you can achieve anything you want.

If you have not come up with your resolution yet, think about this and possibly finding a word to live by this year and you may be surprised who it makes your list of resolutions possible.

Have a great first week of the new year!

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6 thoughts on “Quote of the Week #15

  1. Happy New Year lovely!! We have been working on a healthier lifestyle & we keep trying to improve it year after year. To inspire someone is an amazing thing. It’s ironic I shared a quote on Twitter today about carrying on because you never know who you are inspiring. It’s so true though – you never know who’s looking up to you! Candid Cuddles is back on Sunday – woohoo! 😉 x

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  2. Lovely quote! Yes, both me and my husband tried to inspire ourselves by trying to lose weight together, it’s nice to inspire and be inspired with each other, gives you more motivation and dedication to reach your goals. Anyway, Have a lovely 2016! #abitofeverything

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  3. That is a great word for the year. Looking for inspiration and aiming to inspire others are both positive acts.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

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  4. I have decided to set goals rather than resolutions. Small goals to achieve at a pace that hopefully won’t set me up for failure. My biggest being to save consuming alcohol for only special occasions. I also want a healthier lifestyle not to only look better but majorily to feel better and have more energy. I have also started writing my goals down and having a plan and reminding myself that I’m staying on track. To be my own inspiration. Happy New Year Nicole! 💌Trista #abitofeverything

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