Quote of the Week #17


I found this quote to be appropriate this week, as we have been having some challenges with a family member. Which at this time I won’t really go into detail. However we have discovered some lies and I hope that they have learned a valuable lessons since it really came back to bite them. The lie caused them more trouble than actually telling the truth and dealing with the problem when it happened.

Unfortunately I don’t think they will learn from it since they have a parent enabling them and acting as if its no big deal. It’s amazing to me that you would enable your child to lie and not accept the consequences of their actions, what exactly are you teaching?

So remember honesty is always the best policy.

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One thought on “Quote of the Week #17

  1. Oh what a shame! Telling the truth is such an important lesson to teach our children. It’s easier for kids to lie & avoid getting in trouble but it won’t help them as they grow up. Your quote is right on point. Thanks so much for sharing with candid cuddles x

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