Oh, the conversations with kids


As any parent knows, you get asked some awkward questions by your children as they are growing up. Mostly we get our selves into this situations and are unprepared how to answer our kids, especially when they pipe up and ask you about something you said thinking your child was not listening. Yes this has happened a time or two in our house, and my husband and I usually manage to change the subject very quickly. Unless of course its something that truly needs to be explained.

Recently my son has been asking for a sibling, he really wants a little sister. We have told him a few times that unfortunately we will not be having any more kids. He brought it up again recently and asked me if I could get a baby in my tummy he really wants a little brother or sister. Well here is how the conversation went.

Me: sorry I can’t have any more babies
Madman: so how come you could only make one baby?
Me: well the things that make a baby don’t work anymore.(Really at this point I should have sent it over to my husband since its his parts that are no longer in service but I didn’t think I wanted to get to detailed on the birds and the bees yet)
Madman: what parts? Are there wires inside you? So you cut the blue wire and had me? Then there were no more wires?
Me: yes exactly no more wires (At this point I am trying not to die laughing at how he is explaining it)
Madman: so is there a pink wire for the girl you can cut?
Me: ah, no there’s no more
Madman: can I see? Where are the wires? Are they in your butt?

At his point I can barely compose myself from what my son has just said so I passed it off to my husband and told him to take over. He just said sorry there are no more wires and there won’t be anymore babies and my son just dropped it after that. What the heck? Why did I get the inquisition and not my husband? Oh well it was quite amusing but it definitely makes me scared to have to the sex talk with my son. I think I’ll leave that one to my husband when the time comes.

Have any funny stories about things yours kids have asked you, I would love to hear them! So please feel free to share below or maybe you have your own blog post you need to write.

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10 thoughts on “Oh, the conversations with kids

  1. Ha ha ha I am actually crying with laughter at this, brilliant! My little one is just at the mispronouncing words phase at the moment, so when he loudly proclaimed in the back garden that he had a stick, you can imagine how he says that, I could hear the neighbour laughing. Gotta love them!! #BloggerClubUK

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  2. That made me laugh a little. It’s amazing what kids relate things to what they know. When my sister had her first child I threw the baby shower and several children in attendance asked me if they could take him out of her belly just to see him for minute and they promised to put him right back.

    I just posted recently about my daughter’s language skills and how they are developing too. We aren’t to that level of conversation but she still comes up with some good ones.

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  3. Oh it really makes me laugh how they see things! The sane happens in our household I get the Spanish Inquisition while my husband just says a statement and the questioning stops!! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week X

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