Valentine’s Love Questionaire


I saw some friends posting and sharing this on Facebook the other day so I thought it would be fun to do as a blog post instead of just sharing it on Facebook. Since we are on the week of Valentine’s Day I thought why not?

So here’s the deal, here are 14 questions to answer about your other half:

1. Where did you meet your other half?
We met at work, he got hired on at the company I worked at.

2. How long have you been with your significant other? 10 years

3. If you’re married, when did you say “I do”? May 13, 2006

4. What song did you walk down the aisle to?
Traditional Wedding song

5. Do you have any children yet?
Yes, one son from my husband’s previous marriage and one 6 year old together.

6. What’s your favorite thing about your other half?
This is hard cause I love so much about him, I love his humor he can be the biggest dork sometimes but he always can make me laugh. I also love how hard working he is, a driven successful man is hot!

7. Were you and your other half high school sweethearts?
Nope that would have been gross, we are 8 1/2 years apart so you do the math.

8. Where was your first date?
At my husband’s house he invited me over for breakfast and a movie

9. How long were you dating before you said “I love you”?
2 weeks ( He said it first no matter what stories he tells now)

10. How long were you dating your other half before he/she proposed?
Well technically we were only together about 3 weeks when we decided to get married but he didn’t officially propose for 4 months because he wanted to do everything just right.

11. Where is your favorite place you have traveled with your other half?
Paris, France and Playa Del Carmen

12. How do you and your other half usually spend Valentines Day?
We order take out and have a candlelit picnic in our living room and watch a movie

13. What does your favorite ‘date night’ consist of?
I love a date night at home with no kids, we can watch something other than cartoons and I can drink all I want and not worry about having to drive home.

14. What is the best gift you have received from your other half?
Besides him, he bought my car for my birthday one year and tricked me into going down to the dealership were it was sitting brand new never driven with a giant red bow. The coolest thing ever!

I hope you enjoyed my little love fest, and maybe this will inspire you to do your own. I had a lot of fun filling this out and reminiscing. So let me know if you do this too, I would love to read your answers.

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8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Love Questionaire

  1. Great idea for a post! Sounds like you two have a great relationship 🙂 And I agree with the age difference being high school sweethearts would be weird lol! #momsterlink

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  2. I just may have to do this little questionnaire. It’s funny that we mommies are always discussing our kids but never our other halves. I love that you said he said I love you first no matter what story he tells. I have the same scenario. I remember it like it was yesterday! Thanks for linking and sharing with #momsterslink…great to have you back in the blogosphere :))

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